Parent Involvement At Day Care

by admin on August 13, 2009

Daycare centre providers should involve the parents and consider their points and suggestions. You as the caregiver can tell the parents your observation about the kid when he or she is at the center and how the child interacts with others. The parents can give you information that would lighten or make the caring of the child lighter. Make sure that you always have regular conversations with the parents of the children under your care. Take note of the reminders that these parents give you since they are important even to the slightest and most simple details.

In order to help you deal with the children’s parents, you can assess your staff and let them attend trainings so they can be guided in communicating with the parents professionally and efficiently. You can also involve the parents in a creative way like letting them speak about their area of expertise, having them as volunteers for the day or having parent/s-of-the-day who will be attending the activities.

It also helps if you have a complaints procedure in your daycare. This will allow the parents to ecpress their grievance or disappointments. As the provider, you should not be intimidated by the complaints of the parents. You should take these complains as constructive criticisms that will help you improve your services. The complaints procedure allows the staff to deal with certain concerns and when these concerns are not resolved, the management would take over. Always thank the parent and guardians in voicing out their opinions and complains. Having a suggestion box where parents can comment would also be helpful.

Involving the parents in your daycare will definitely be one of your resources too. If these parents are satisfied with the way that you handle their children and the way you apply the services you offer, they would definitely want to repay you. So always make sure that you have a child-friendly and enjoyable daycare since this will keep the parents at peace and relaxed.

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