Parents and your Childcare Business

by admin on July 28, 2009

Having a childcare business doesn’t only involve having a good relationship with the children in your care. You also have to be in good terms especially with the parents of the children under your care. This is why talking to the parents of the child is very necessary in order for you to know the simple and important details regarding the child. Speaking to the parents of the child in person is greatly suggested although you can also talk to them via the telephone or email.

Here are some points for you to remember in order for you to gain the trust of the parents of the child.

1. Be honest with the parents all the time. Before everything else, you should let them understand how your childcare business operates. Tell them your vision, the special things that you do in your daycare, the expenses that the parents will incur, your principles and beliefs as the caretaker and as a person. Never give promises to the parents that you cannot or is very hard to fulfill. This will ruin the reputation of your daycare center so always be true and sincere in dealing with the parents.

2. Always be prepared for the questions that the parents might ask you. You should not be intimidated by the queries of the parents because they only want the best for their child. The parents would also want to see whether or not you are knowledgeable about your business and the issues concerning the children in your care.

3. It is also very essential that you get to know the visions of the parents about their child. You must be very well aware of his interests, dislikes and medical concerns if there are any. You have a lot of children under your care but then, they are different. So it is very important for you to take note and remember the instructions or concerns of the parents.

4. If the parents will go to your daycare center for a house visit, let them bring their child so that you can meet him. It is very essential for the parents to know the atmosphere of the daycare center where they’re going to enroll their child. Show them the different areas of the center including the play place, activity area, eating area, restrooms and others. Always remember to be as hospitable and welcoming as possible.

5. Conduct a trial period in order for you to know whether you and the child can get along well. This will also help the parents determine whether or not their child will have an enjoyable time basing on the child’s relationship with you as his caregiver. This will also help you know the child better so if the child is formally enrolled, you will not be hard up and you will know how to connect with the child.

These are just some reminders for you to consider when dealing with the parents of the child to be enrolled in your daycare center. These tips will help you get along well with them and therefore will help you succeed in your daycare business.

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