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by admin on July 22, 2009

Halloween is one of the activities that children are anticipating to come. This is a time for them to stay late, eat as much candy and do get to be creative. Since Halloween has been one of the events that will really require your creative skills, you really need to prepare for this. This is why you do not need to exclude your day care when Halloween is around the corner. Have a Halloween celebration in your day care and turn it into one of the best days that your children will ever have.

Here are some of the things which you need to prepare for to turn it to the biggest event in your day care:

Of course, since this is a Halloween party, you need to fix the invitations that you are going to send out to the parents and the children. There are generic Halloween invitations that are sold in the bookstores, but since this only comes once a year, it is better that you have them handmade, one by one. You can choose to make them on their own, but you can also have the children help out when making the invitations. You can have them pre-cut and let the children design the cards. Have them in ghost, pumpkin and even spider cut outs. This will already excite the children knowing that they will be having a party to go to.

Also remember to invite not only the children but the parents and the staff as well. Make this party into one whole getting-to-know party that will allow parents to meet with other parents who have children in the day care, who knows? Maybe after the party, the parents will have new friendships.

You need to make sure that you have told everyone who wants to come to be in a costume. Yes, no one needs to be excluded from this even you! So try to pick a costume that children will love. You can suggest costumes for the kids. This is not really a hard thing to do since there are a lot of department stores which offer a range of costumes during the Halloween season, right? There are cartoon characters, heroes and even mythical creatures. This will make the children think creatively on what costume they will like. At this point, children will already have an idea on what they want. Do not waste this opportunity and award them with the Most Creative, Scariest and other awards for their costumes. This will make the children, as well as the parents feel that you truly appreciate their effort into making this one big event.

There are a couple of designs that you may choose to use for your day care. This is now the time to think creatively. You need to resourceful in picking out the design that you want. You can have hanging skeletons, dry-ice in jack-o –lanterns, wall decors and toy spiders. There are so many ways to transform your day care into a scary realm for the Halloween. A week before the party, you need to prepare for these things already. You can ask the children to help from making the decorations up to the decoration of the day care itself. By encouraging them to cooperate with this, they will be able to feel the Halloween spirit. You can even change the lighting of your day care. Cellophane does a great job in changing your white light into other colors. Just experiment in this and you will be able to have the perfect decoration for your day care. Remember that you do not have to spend so much on your decoration, a little creativity goes a long, long way.

The Day Itself
Pick a time when it is most accessible to the children. You can even have it on Halloween itself. Have your party in the afternoon so that when the party ends, the children will be ready to go Trick or Treating in their neighbourhood. This will double the fun for the children since they are already wearing their costumes after the party.

Pick out games that the children can play in your day care. Typical parlor games are fine as long as you mix in a twist of Halloween in them. The children will find it fun to participate in all of your games. Make sure that the games are not as rough as they should be because the costumes might get destroyed after.

You can choose to have your food catered, but a little is okay. Have a little pasta and chicken if you want to. For a party like this, it is enough to have Halloween treats for the child. Make sure that you have a candy bowl where the children can get their treats. Also make one for the parents. It has been proven that parents also need to have their fun once in a while so make sure that they are also included in the party.

Loot Bags
Giveaways and loot bags should be given to your guests. This will remind them of the party plus they will have a little something to enjoy at home. There are so many ideas when it comes to this, you just need to look for them. You can have them personalized or not. Leave this to yourself and do not let the children know you have one prepared for them. Children love surprises and they will surely love this one.

It is so easy to plan a Halloween party in your day care. You just need to make the most of your time to plan and prepare for the party. If this is the first time that you are doing this, have a friend or two help you with the ideas. There is nothing that you need to worry about because as long as you have everything planned, you will be able to make this as a successful event that all of you will enjoy. Have fun!

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