Precautions On daycare Illness

by admin on February 1, 2009

Summer means having a vacation. And when we say vacation, it means it’s the season to have go fun, go out together with family and friends and do many enjoyable things. You can go swimming, play volleyball, and travel around the country. Summer is also one way of spending time with your family, especially with your little kid.

Of course, it’s not only fun that you have to think about. Since children are vulnerable to germs and coughs, it’s also best for you to think about your child’s health during the summer. It may seem like an odd time for children to get sick; however, we may never know that any time soon, your child might be caught in one. There has been news that a new illness emerges in day care centers, so day care center providers must be alert in these situations.

There are many factors why sickness spread during the summer. One is that older students go for vacation – and they come back a month later, brining with them unknown germs that might harm students. Also, summer is also the time of the year where new students get enrolled in a new center. Other times, parents of children go from one center to another just to look for a convenient center. When this happens, parents, or even new students bring with them a new pool of germs from their outside surroundings. They are very hard to deal with, thus, increases the risk of infection.

Hygiene is another factor that needs to be taken seriously. During winter time, runny noses and coughs are the most common symptoms and sickness that most children encounter. When summer comes and the child still has the symptoms, he or she may be spreading the germs more easily. It’s very important that parents should learn how to take care of their children.

Other things that day care centers should be reminded of are their hands. Because teachers hold too many objects, especially toys, books and other sort of things, they are prone to getting more germs from their hands and they forget to wash their hands before snacks and meals. So keep in mind that your hands should be hygienic – and remind the children to wash their hands as well.

Remember that summer is a hectic time for parents and their children. This is probably why diseases are very much rampant during that season. That is why teachers must be prepared to face any hardships that will come their way. Take some precautions and brief new parents to avoid other students from getting affected and will hamper the students’ learning.

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