Preparing for your Child’s Pre-schooling

by admin on June 12, 2009

Before your child begins his first day in school, it is good for you to know some few more stuff that will make your child more successful in his early studies.

First, try to figure out whether there is a registration deadline in the school where you want your child to attend his pre-school. Usually, schools have quotas into how many students could they accept. It will be best for you to inquire about the registration policies of the school and their procedures for admission.

Next, try to know the school where you will enrol the child. Do this before school begins. Inquire at the school and do not just rely on what the other parents are saying. Some of the pertinent things that you might want to know are the following: the name of the principal, the necessary forms that have to be filled out, how they operate their kindergarten, the academic calendar, what is the schedule for the kindergarten, and their canteen services. Oftentimes, schools are giving out this information even without you inquiring about it. Orientation of parents are usually being conducted prior the enrolment. However, if the school does not give out this information, it will be good if you ask them for it.

Find out as well about what are the expectations of the school for the kindergarten students. If you know about this, you will be able to better prepare your child. Or if you do not think that the school’s expectations are not right for your child, you could still search for other schools that will fit your child.

It will also be good if you will visit the school first and tour it with your child. By doing this, you and child will be familiarized about the school facilities as well as where they are located. Make your child observe the children while they are inside their classrooms.

Psyche up your child about school by talking to him. Make them feel how fun it is to be in school. Also, make the feel excited about it when you are at home by making your child feel that entering school is indeed a special event. Talk to him as well about the teachers that he will have. Make sure to make them feel not fearful about their teachers but remind them to listen to them and respect them. It is also very vital that you make your child know the importance of not being absent in class.

As part of your preparation, you might also want to think about volunteering in the school. Volunteering in the school is one of the best ways by which you could be more familiarized about the school where your child is studying. It will also be an opportunity for you to meet the other school staff and other parents. More than that, this will surely be appreciated by the teachers in the school since they will have some assistance in doing the child supervision.

Bring your child on his first day in school. However, do not stay there for too long.

You must also be patient. Keep in mind that several children do get overwhelmed at their start in school. Some do not get to like school right away leading them to cry while in classroom. However, they will get comfortable soon with your support and with the guidance from the teacher.

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