Preschool Activities for Saint Nicholas Day Celebration

by admin on August 18, 2009

Every 6th day of December, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Saint Nicholas was once a priest who later on became a bishop. He had always loved children and the poor. Saint Nicholas Day is a great opportunity to teach the child about Santa Claus’ origin. Surely, with these preschool activities, children will enjoy the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas’ Story
Read stories about St. Nicholas to the children. Saint Nicholas lives around 300 years following Jesus in the town of Myra. He grew to be a priest there. He had always loved children. One time, he knew about some poor family in Myra who has not enough money for clothing or food. One night, he left money inside a bag on the family’s doorstep. Twice did he come back there and on his third return, the family’s father saw him leave money inside a bag.

Later on, Saint Nicholas became Myra’s Bishop. He continued caring for the children and the poor. Because of the great acts he did, he was canonized as a saint. He later on became known as Santa Claus. After telling the Story, the children can be visited by Saint Nicholas during their sleeping time. Near their sleeping mats, you can leave them chocolate coins. And when they get up, they will see the “money” that Saint Nicholas gave them.

Children’s Letters for Santa Claus
It has been part of the tradition every Christmas for children to write letters for Santa Claus. There are a lot of ways for the children to do this. One way is for every child to tell you his wish list while you jot it down for them. The children can also decorate their letters’ pages with drawings about Christmas. Then ask them to sign the list with their names after. Using a big box of cardboard, create a mailbox where children can mail the letters.

Another way is for you to distribute toy advertisements and catalogues to children. Let the children find the toy they want the most then cut out those pictures. Glue the pictures on a picture and have the children decorate the letters. Then ask them to sign the letters with their names. Place the letters inside envelopes then put them in a mail box where children can mail the letters.

What Is Saint Nicholas Bringing?
With this game, the children can have fun pretending like he or she is Saint Nicholas. All you need are a sack and a whole lot of different toys around the room. For the sack, you can sew one using a velvet material that is red. Or if you don’t want to make your own sack, you can just use any bag.

At the center of the room, lay down different toys. For how many minutes, let the children look at the toys then remove them after. Pick a child who will play Saint Nicholas. Ask the other children to have their eyes closed while Saint Nicholas picks a toy. Put the toy inside the bag after. Then, ask the kids to guess what toy is inside the bag as Saint Nicholas gives them clues about it. A variation of this game is to let the kids touch the bag and guess what’s inside it. The kid who correctly guesses what the toy is will be the next Saint Nicholas.

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