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by admin on February 19, 2009

Certain Illnesses that can keep my child out of Daycare

Several information on the most common illnesses that can be acquired by children in daycare like hand, foot and mouth disease, fifths disease, and ringworm.

Fifths Disease-Erythema Infectiosum
Also known as “slapped face disease” this common illness normally develops on a child’s face and is triggered by a certain type of virus that can make the face appear to be reddish.

Should my child go to daycare?

You can bring your child to the daycare of choice even if he or she is already contacted with this type of illness. This is because once the facial rash develops, chances are, it no longer becomes contagious. The first manifestations of this type of illness include fever, sore throat, and flu so chances are they could be absent for a couple of days from their daycare. (This is also the time that this type of disease can be considered contagious).

Ringworm isn’t really caused by any type of fungus that creates a round or circular shape on the body. This type of disease can be acquired when you come into contact with a person who has one or when you come into contact with an animal that has sores.

Should my child go to daycare?
If your child has ringworm, it would definitely be much better not to take him or her to the daycare.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease-
According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, hand, foot and mouth disease does not have any close connection with the foot and mouth disease normally contacted in cattle and other farm animals. The first manifestations of this type of disease include fever, rashes that may normally form on hands, feet, mouth and tongue that eventually makes it sore. This type of disease is also most commonly acquired during summer and fall.

Should my child go to daycare?
The obvious answer is definitely no. When your child has all or even just one type of disease, it isn’t advisable for you to take him or her to the daycare. This type of disease can be considered to be contagious for the first few days and can easily be acquired by other children. Treatment is not necessary, and the infection usually clears up after a week- a week and a half.*

Most Common Daycare Illnesses

Summer illnesses at Day Care
Of course the summer is season is nothing but fun and excitement as you get to spend more time swimming and playing outside. However, summer is also looked at as a time for developing certain types of illnesses and the like. Why is this the case, you’re probably wondering.

Most children dread being sick during the summer since this is their only time to play under the sun and frolic. However, summer indeed brings about various types of illnesses and this has been the case for many years now. To prove this claim, it has also been reported that this June, three possible cases of mumps were recorded in a Vancouver Center, as well as stomach flu, fever and other more.

Certain types of illnesses most commonly spread during this time because children tend to be enrolled to other daycare centers. Since children are not yet well adjusted to their new environment, chances are, they become more prone to certain types of illnesses.

Hygiene can also be looked at as another cause of acquiring various types of illnesses. When you come to think of it, symptoms of illnesses can more easily be recognized during winter. When a child is contacted with colds and cough, chances are it is common and easy to claim that such illness is due to unparalleled hygiene. However, during summer, causes of diseases can be very difficult to pinpoint making germs much easier to spread. Proper hygiene is definitely necessary even more when you deal with children because their immune system is much more delicate.

Certain types of diseases can also be most commonly contacted outside the daycare center and not necessarily inside the daycare center itself. Summer is a hectic time for many families-filled with summer reading programs at the local library, swimming in a neighborhood pool, sports camps, and simply playing at a friend’s house. These children may acquire germs which they and their daycare friends have no acquired immunity to- and thus be unable to fight off.

While many parents may breathe a sigh of relief that the winter months are over and their kids can get exercise outside, teachers and parents still need to be aware of the continued need to enforce hygiene rules and guard against unwanted germs.

Daycare Illness Ways to Prevent Them

A Guideline for Employee’s and Parents

For some of us our Children have to go to daycare, we have no choice. Money has to be made. And we all know that your child is going to get sick when around other children, and most sickness when young is good for the child because it helps build their immune system. But there are lot of illnesses that can be prevented in daycare and in home settings just by remembering to wash hands and surfaces.

Make sure to properly wash your hands, use warm water and liquid soap, rub hands together and scrub all over even under fingernails. Rinse and then use paper towels only, because fabric towels can hold bacteria. And you should wash your hands before you start work, eat, helping with an injury, preparing or serving food.

When changing diapers, use good hygiene and prepare by thoroughly cleaning the area before and after each use, as well as having an area to wash hands, and clean supplies near by. This area is a high traffic area for germs to spread and thrive.

Before each changing there should be a fresh sheet of paper on the table, The disposable paper will help with the spreading of germs, disposable gloves is a great idea as well, I would not even offer cloth diapers as a option for your daycare. And remember after each and every change disinfect the station and your hands, you may have a busy day, but it is important to sanitize in between each individual changing.

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Michelle Heffner June 3, 2009 at 9:07 am

“I would not even offer cloth diapers as a option for your daycare…”

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Michelle, I understand your concern, however providers must balance the this with the need to prevent the spread of germs, personally I do prefer cloth diapers, however they can spread germs more easily than disposable and the childrens health must be the top priority.

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