How to Reduce Hours of Daycare Administration Time

by Carla on February 12, 2010

Administrative duties can be a time consuming and monotonous aspect of child care jobs .

Administrative assistants in child care centers and preschools can spend countless hours can be spent accessing, sorting, calculating, and reporting information. Fortunately, it is simple to shave hours off of your administration time by investing in daycare software to automate the following tasks:

  1. Management of client records and business information: Daycare software reduces hours of administration time. Once you have entered family and business information into your software, the records are organized to allow efficient retrieval for reports and billing functions. Within the family records you can have quick access to enrollment and financial information allowing you to post fees and apply payments. You can also send emails directly from the family record. This saves both time and money.
  2. Billing and Payment functions: Using daycare software, you can automatically bill clients and process tuition payments online with credit cards or bank account information. Most software creates and maintains an accurate ledger for accounts receivable and billing functions so that you can track all charges and payments for clients. Batch charges and batch postings of tuition payments save loads of time, since groups of clients are billed at once. Daycare software systems can automatically send out reminder notices. From the reminder email, clients can pay with a few clicks of the mouse helping you increase your daycare center’s efficiency and minimize data entry for the client.
  3. Create Reports:  All child care centers must generate reports for business purposes, for parents, and for lending institutions. Daycare software organizes data and then automatically computes and  creates  the reports you need most such as:
  • Tuition reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Year-end tax information
  • Teacher schedules
  • Expense reports
  • Roll call sheets
  • Sign in and out reports
  • Emergency activity reports
  • Accident reports
  • Immunization reports
  • Daily schedule reports.

Your daycare center can also create customizable reports for each customer

4. Manage Supplies and Inventory: Daycare administrators can spend a lot of time keeping track of supplies and inventory in their child care resource center. Daycare software easily organizes and manages your daycare supplies, descriptions of products, manufacturer and warranty information. Inventory and supply lists help you manage the status of items like toys, office equipment, and subscriptions. This saves our childcare center when it comes time to reorder items as well as record and replace damaged or stolen items.

5. Employee Data Management: Daycare software reduces administrative work by maintaining employee records.  You can manage employees’ hours worked, vacation time, time spent in training, and sick time. Daycare software also generates employee reports such as schedules, earnings, and withholdings summaries, along with weekly sign in and sign out forms. Employee immunizations reports help manage immunization summaries and reminders. This keeps children safe and your business compliant with state laws. Daycare management software allows you to create batches of payroll checks, time cards, and receipts.

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