Reducing Liability Insurance Through Daycare Franchises

by admin on January 27, 2009

Daycare center is perhaps the type of business that is most sensitive to liabilities arising from the fact that their clients are children who are very much prone to accidents and injuries, both physical and emotional. The expenses for damages in cases of negligence or inattentive staff, especially when the injury sustained is of permanent nature, could go sky high. We are aware that parents will tirelessly pursue compensation for any injury their children sustain while in a daycare center.

Studies have shown that accident is the leading cause of death among children between birth and five years of age. Accident is also the leading cause of emergency room cases of non-fatal injuries among children. A big number of children are permanently disabled every year due to accidental injuries. And this kind of accidents do happen to children whether they are at home or in a daycare centers.

Children, by nature, are injury-prone as they are fragile but insistent. When they fall, they keep on standing up and repeat again and again what they were doing that caused the fall. They tend to climb everything within reach and grasp things that caught their fancy. Even if you watch them attentively, a slight distraction on your part could mean an accident resulting to injury.

No parent will admit that it is her child who is at fault because a child is a child. It is always the fault of the person providing care to the child. For this reason, a liability insurance will free the owner of the daycare center from obligations and expenses. It is also for this reason that premium for liability insurance for daycare centers is very high. You really have to shell out a lot of money to buy the protection you need in running your daycare center.

Daycare business franchising is an alternative to spread the cost of home childcare liability coverage over a large number of franchisees, thus reducing the premium paid for by individual businesses. Instead of getting an individual daycare liability insurance for your own home daycare center, the franchise will be getting the insurance coverage for all franchisees, thus getting a hefty discount in the process. The individual franchisees will then pay the franchise their share of the insurance premium.

A daycare business franchise also helps the member daycare centers on such matters as training of personnel to prevent accidents and injuries to the children. They can also provide legal assistance should a member daycare center be involved in costly litigations for damages resulting from accidents and injuries.

Because of exposures to situations where liability may arise such food-borne pathogens and illnesses due to contact with other sick children, a daycare center will be protected from expenses arising out of litigations and payment of damages if it is adequately covered by a liability insurance secured by a franchise.

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