Reducing Separation Anxiety In A Day Care

by admin on July 20, 2009

When you drop off your child in a day care center, is the usual scenario filled with drama? Are there any kicking, screaming or crying? You child may be suffering from separation anxiety. This means that your child cannot adjust to the idea of you leaving him in a totally different place. This can really be problematic for you since this can cause delays in your schedule as well as cause the day care center staff to deal with your child. This is why you need to make sure that you do something about it.

As soon as you get home, you need to talk to your child. Tell him that you understand why he does not want to stay in a day care center so that he will feel comfortable that you have grasped the message that he is implying. You also need to tell him your part. This means that you have to explain to him why you have to leave him there. This will make it easier for your child to understand. Although this does not guarantee that he will not be throwing any tantrums the next day, it will give him a better understanding of things.

Make it a point to always spend quality time with your child every night. It can be as simple are reading book or playing with him, but no matter what you do, always make your child feel that he is special to you. This will lessen the feeling of neglect which your child is feeling. Sometime a child feels that you are pushing him away that is why you have to send him in a day care center.

This also goes when your child wakes up in the morning. He needs to fell that you love him with all your heart. Always make it a point to prepare breakfast for him. Hug him and kiss him because these will often make them feel secure knowing that you love them so much. Most of the time, it only takes these two gestures to indicate that you love them so much.

Let him bring his favorite toy to the day care center. He will feel that there is a sense of belongings and that he is not alone. Once he is carrying that stuffed toy, he will be able to feel more comfortable in the day care. Do not worry about this because this can only go on for some time. Your child will be able to make friend in the long run which will not have him bring any of his stuffed toys to the day care.

It is your responsibility as the parents to put in a good word for the day care center. Never scare your child or tell them anything bad about the day care center. This will only discourage him from going there will be harder on your part. So make things easier for the both of you and remember these tips on how to reduce separation anxiety of your child.

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