Safety Tips For Child Daycare

by admin on January 11, 2009

Parents confidently leave their children to the care of child daycare centers with the idea that their children are safe and are protected. It is therefore a great shock to them to hear that child abuse cases are committed by employees of some child daycare centers. While most child care centers do provide extreme care on their client children, a single negligent center can send shivers down the spines of trusting parents.

Parents therefore are now more discriminating in choosing a daycare center for their children. Peace of mind can be assured if the daycare center has video surveillance system that can monitor the interaction of the employees and the children. Video surveillance will also allow parents to check on their children from home or work if such surveillance system has features that will provide online feed. Even if parents are busy in their work, they can from time to time check their computers in order to view the situation in the daycare center where their children are.

A safety element that parents have to check in choosing a daycare for their children is their employees. Most parents stay away from daycare centers that employ male employees as they feel more secured if their children will be cared for by female staff members. Another to consideration that has to be checked is the turn-over rate of employees. A fast employee turn-over is a not a good sign as it could mean that the center is not paying the employees good salary. Underpaid employees may not perform well their duties due to dissatisfaction. Children on the other hand are ill at ease with a person they are not very familiar with as in the case of a new employee. Parents should also check if the daycare center is conducting a background check of the employees they are hiring. If there are no safety measures in the hiring of daycare center employees, parents might as well look for another daycare center.

Parents could also check with the state business office in order to find out if there had been any complaints of violations lodged against a daycare center that they have chosen for their children. Another way of checking is by going to the local police station and check if there is any ongoing investigation involving your chosen daycare center and its employees. Check also with the local police if there is any sex offender who might be unknowingly hired by the daycare center. You can never entrust your child to a daycare center who has a sex offender as an employee.

Finally, after enrolling your child into a daycare center, you must make surprise visit to see what is going on in the daycare center. You can see firsthand how the employees of the daycare center are providing care to the children, including yours, and observe how the children interact with them. When you see that the children are happy with their care providers, you can rest assured that they are in good hands.

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