Success In Your Business When You Retain Your Day Care Staff

by admin on August 6, 2009

The best asset that you will ever have in your day care business is your cleaning staff. Without them, you will never get to make your day care work out. They are the ones who make sure that the children are all behaved as well as taken care of all the time. While you are very busy with managing your business, they act as your second hand to ensure that everything goes well. As the owner of the day care business, you should always make sure that you keep your staff well taken care of all the time. Remember that without them, you day care will be nothing. Will you be willing to take care of all the 25 children who keep running around in your day care? Of course not. So you should always do everything to make your staff fell very comfortable in their work.

Whenever you have an employee who is happy, they will more or less be very faithful to you. This decreases the chances of losing your best employees which can affect the performance of your day care. I know that you would not want his to happen especially in the middle of your business when it is already running smoothly. If you must know, this is the secret that most successful companies keep. They do take care of all of their staff in order to maintain the best which they have.

Complimenting them in their job is the best that you can ever do for them. No matter how small the task is, you should always note the job well done. You staff will always be happier to work for you especially if they know how much they are appreciated. When they are able to tell the children to behave, always congratulate them for doing so. Besides, this is really a hard job to do. One way in which you can show your appreciation for such is to make an “employee of the month” award because your staff will always be motivated to work their best and even have this friendly competition set. On your part, this will ensure you that they are doing their best in the job which they are doing.

Creating a conducive work place is very much important for your staff. They need to feel that they are comfortable wherever they are working. This makes so much difference for everyone. Just think of it this way, are you will to work in a place where you are not comfortable in? Of course you are not because this might only cause you to slack off at work. Do this by putting up cute posters and design the walls very brightly. This can really improve the mood of everyone in the day care, even you. Always ensure that your day care is clean everyday since a cleaner day care will always be a better one.

Train your employees well because even if childcare may seem so simple to do, your staff will always be faced with situations where they would not know what to do. Children can really be impulsive as well as unpredictable so you might as well ensure your staff that they are receiving the right training that they deserve. Always have a quarterly training of the staff or even hand out manuals on how to take care of children. Do provide them with first aid training too since not all of your day care staff may be well trained in this field. Especially for your staff, they can really be frustrated if they are in a situation which they are jeopardizing the health of the children. This is very important that each and every one of you is able to ensure the safety of the children in your day care.

Employees love to be pampered once in a while. I know that this can be too demanding but if you just willingly give these to them, then they will surely be appreciative of your good deed. You can always have free coffee and water in your day care for them. If budget permits, you can even provide meals and snacks for them. If they have children, do consider giving them free or discounted day care fees.Your staff will already be happy with these perks no matter how small they may seem. During Christmas, throw a party for them and even give them gifts. Nothing can make your staff happier than showing them how important they are to you. There are some cases when staff member tend to leave their current work because they claim that they are abused or not given that much benefits. Sky is the limit when it comes to these so make sure that you always have the most creative ideas when it comes to your employee perks. Once you have found their soft spot, trust that they will remain in your day care.

Surveys are very important when you want to know how effective you are when it comes to managing your staff. You can make these anonymous surveys, so that they are able to express how they feel. You need to ask their level of satisfaction when it comes to your management. You need to prioritize knowing if they are satisfied with what you are giving them. This will more or less let you gauge if there is any room for improvement so that you can ensure that they are always taken care of. It is also important to ask them if there is anything that you need to add to the way you handle things and provide suggestions on how you are going to make them feel more satisfied in the job which they are doing.

When you handle a staff, you do not only need to make sure that they are doing their best in their job. You also need to ensure that they are also emotionally satisfied with your management. Your staff is too valuable to lose so do make sure that you do things the right way. Always make room for suggestions and you will surely be able to retain your best staff.

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