How to Reduce Hours of Daycare Administration Time

February 12, 2010

Tweet Tweet Administrative duties can be a time consuming and monotonous aspect of child care jobs . Administrative assistants in child care centers and preschools can spend countless hours can be spent accessing, sorting, calculating, and reporting information. Fortunately, it is simple to shave hours off of your administration time by investing in daycare software [...]

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Tasks Your Daycare Business should be Automating

December 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet Owning and managing a daycare business can involve many monotonous yet essential tasks. Fortunately, software for daycare businesses can help automate the following boring tasks, making daycare administration and management extremely efficient, and freeing you up so you have time to concentrate on  other important childcare jobs and administrative functions: Billing and invoicing: [...]

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Increase Daycare Payments and Save Time with Daycare Software

November 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet Many daycare business owners spend countless hours calculating daycare tuition and fees and dealing with bounced checks and other collection headaches. How can you eliminate this tedious child care job? The best way for child care centers to increase successful payment collection is by investing in childcare software. Daycare for software businesses usually include [...]

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Free Printable Daycare Forms and Preschool Forms

November 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Home daycare providers can cut costs by finding daycare forms online. Contracts, policies, authorization forms, permission slips, daily reports, and other forms are critical to daycare business administration. Rather than creating forms from scratch, owners of child day care centers can print out important forms and customize them. Consider the following resources for [...]

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How Daycare Software Helps Child Care Businesses

September 29, 2009

Tweet Tweet Child care software can be a lifesaver for daycare business owners. Child care software allows child care providers to manage administrative duties, thereby increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. The most important administrative duties childcare software can help manage are the following: Create, Manage, and Retrieve Client Records The software should allow you to [...]

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