The Easy Way to Grow Your Home Daycare Business

April 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet Having a home day care of your own and operating it as a business isn’t easy. Most of the time you find yourself wearing many hats: nurse, chef, chauffeur, teacher, mediator, counselor, bookkeeper, referee… and that’s all before morning snack! So we can imagine that running your own marketing campaign is enough to [...]

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How To Effectively Advertise Your Home Daycare Business

April 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet Creating and dealing out flyers is a simple and reasonably priced way to promote your in-home daycare commerce and build enrolment. Keep these 10 instructions in mind while preparation the open of your next flyer movement:

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Organizing An Open House For Your Daycare Business

March 31, 2009

Tweet Tweet Open houses are the most excellent way to induce parents to sign their children up your centre. But for an open house to be an effective advertising tool, there are some pre open-house preparations to be made and a budget allocated. What you want to is create an unforgettable occurrence for both the [...]

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Scheduling For Your Home Daycare Business

March 19, 2009

Tweet Tweet One tough choice you have to put together when starting a home daycare industry is what your daily agenda will look like. What hours must you be open? When must you serve snacks and meals? How should you construct your day? These can be hard questions, but this guide can help you think [...]

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How To Target The Right Customer for Your Childcare Business

March 16, 2009

Tweet Tweet You are prepared and ready to go. Your publicity plans are all positioned and you have put aside a nice plan that’ll help you notify your potential clientele about your daycare centre but stop! Do you know who your clients are? Does your target customer have a “face”? Do you know where they [...]

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A Well-drafted Contract For Your Daycare Service Can Mean Good Business

March 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet A contract is defined as a meeting of minds between two persons whereby one binds himself, with respect to the other, to give something or to render some service. Everything must be put in writing so that details of the services should not be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is what daycare centers should [...]

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Daycare Home Business: Regulating Your IRS

March 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet Every individual who is able to spend one whole day with not just one child but several of them can definitely be considered to have a pretty brave soul. Even more, those people who decide on starting this type of business is even more worth commending and acknowledging. Although a daycare business is [...]

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A License Brings In More Income To A Childcare Business

February 25, 2009

Tweet Tweet A licensed childcare business is generally a legally hassle-free enterprise. It is likewise important to secure a permit if you intend to care for the children of more than a single family. Many people think that getting a license is not important particularly because it consumes time and can be stressful. They also [...]

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Creating Handbooks For Your Daycare Business

February 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet I. The Parent’s Handbook One of the most important things you have to have when you own or operate your day care is a parent handbook. This handbook will serve not only as a binding contract between you as the owner and the parents of the children enrolled in your daycare center but [...]

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Creating Your Home Daycare Business Contract

January 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet There are many things to consider once you have your home daycare service business off the ground. Operations and marketing is one thing however one should consider the human aspect of daycare service. There will be times when there would be disagreements or complaints from customer. There also possible accidents and liabilities that [...]

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