Tax Deductions For Home Daycare And Child Care Providers

March 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet The cost incurred for food and supplies for a home daycare and childcare business can be deducted on the business’ taxes and most child care providers are very much aware of this fact. Some even know they can take a substantial mileage deduction. But many home daycare providers miss some large deductions that [...]

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Know Who’s Taking Care Of Your Child In A Daycare

February 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet When you enroll your child to daycare center, do you know who are the people keeping an eye on your precious? These are the people who at some point may have the longer period of spending time with your child than you can even if you want to because of your tight schedule. [...]

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Child Care Programs For Special Children

February 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet If your child has a disability and you wanted to get a child care program for him or her, it will now be easier than before when children who have disability can not be accommodated by some child care providers because they needed special attention and care. There are also less childcare providers [...]

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The “Green” Day Care

February 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet In the recent years, many child care centers had started their attempts at being “green” as possible. Some owners and provider have long started making trips to recycling centers with their meticulously divided waste. This feeble attempts at preserving the environment is the least they can do to help and serve as role [...]

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Licensing Your Home Child Care

February 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet If you are just new to the business of operating a home child care service, you may be trying to decide whether to have your home child care licensed or not. There a few things you need to know that might help your decision become easier.

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Health Care Policies At The Daycare

February 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children can often get sick and when they need to stay at home and rest to prevent worsening conditions and from spreading the illness to other children. It is easy t determine if a child is physically sick if you provide them with proper care and attention. If a child tells you he [...]

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Home Daycare And Child Care Providers Deals With Tax Deductions

February 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet When talking about tax, most business owners would run away from the issue as much as possible. If ever you had your own home based child care business in the year 2007 then you may feel overwhelmed about your taxes hence it is important for you to understand all the facts that you [...]

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Hiring Child Care Providers

January 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Once your daycare center starts its operations and you have shown to the initial clients that you really meant business, more and more clients will be coming in. Before you knew it, the number of clients you have is way too much to handle by yourself – you need help. You will have [...]

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Building Your Day Care Business Name is Important

January 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet One of the most powerful tools that has to do with marketing your day care business is building your brand and giving your business are really good and attractive business name.

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Opt For Daycare Franchises And Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

January 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet One of the most liable types of businesses include day care centers. Liability in this regards refers to the cost of damage that is incurred in the event of negligence or inattention of the care taker which can either be extreme most especially if the damages affecting the child or children are dangerous [...]

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