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Learning through Play and Preschool Activities: Interview with Jan Z. Olsen (Part 2)

January 15, 2010

Tweet Tweet In part two of our interview with Jan Z. Olsen, Olsen discusses how learning through play leads to real life learning in physical and cognitive development and offers examples of activities that a daycare provider can easily implement. OwnADaycare: How does play lead to real life learning in the area of physical development? [...]

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Learning Through Play and Preschool Activities: Interview with Jan Z. Olsen

January 13, 2010

Tweet Tweet Children learn through both direct and indirect play. Child day care providers can take advantage of opportunities for social and emotional learning through play activities. In our interview with expert Jan Z. Olsen, OTR, co-creator of The Get Set for School™ readiness program and founder and creator of Handwriting Without Tears®, explains the importance [...]

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Developmental Screening Tests for Preschoolers: Interview with Dr. Pio Andreotti

December 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet Developmental screening is a procedure designed to identify children who should receive more intensive assessment or diagnosis for potential developmental delays. Developmental screening allows daycare providers and parents the ability to receive a snapshot of a child’s development. Our interview with Dr. Pio Andreotti, NYS Licensed Psychologist, discusses the importance of developmental screening in [...]

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Thumb Sucking in Young Children: Q& A with Dr. Michele Saysan

September 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet Thumb sucking: Is it a true issue for young children? An interview with Dr. Michele Saysan, a Riley Hospital for Children pediatrician, answers questions about thumb sucking that are common among parents and licensed daycare providers. Q: Is thumb sucking harmful for children? A: Thumb sucking can be bad for children. Children who [...]

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Daycare Parent-Teacher Conferences

September 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet Parent-teacher conferences are important in the daycare and preschool environment. Child care providers should be the experts in Early Childhood Development and have the ability to direct parents so that children have the proper developmental foundation. What is the purpose of a parent-teacher concert in the daycare or child care setting?  A large [...]

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Development Screening Tests for Young Children

September 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Does your daycare center participate in developmental screening? Screening is the process by which a brief, well-validated, standardized tool is administered among young children to aid in the identification of children who may be at risk of a delay or disorder. Most screening tools take only 10-20 minutes to administer per child. A [...]

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