Knowing How Daycare Operators Charge Clients For Their Services

February 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet Do you know how daycare centers charge clients for their services? There are a number of aspects and factors that need to be considered in setting the service fees for childcare services. Those entrepreneurs who have the first time experience in starting a daycare business would just presume a charging price that are [...]

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Hiring Child Care Providers

January 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Once your daycare center starts its operations and you have shown to the initial clients that you really meant business, more and more clients will be coming in. Before you knew it, the number of clients you have is way too much to handle by yourself – you need help. You will have [...]

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Effective Daycare Management

December 19, 2008

Tweet Tweet Operating a day care business entails a lot of work and sacrifice. The long list of things to be done never seem to end. Aside from the business planning, area designing and marketing to obtain clients, management of the business is also an essential factor in the daily tasks for the business. Here [...]

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