Preschool Activities for Saint Nicholas Day Celebration

August 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Every 6th day of December, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Saint Nicholas was once a priest who later on became a bishop. He had always loved children and the poor. Saint Nicholas Day is a great opportunity to teach the child about Santa Claus’ origin. Surely, with these preschool activities, children will enjoy [...]

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How to make your first day in daycare a success!

July 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet First day in a daycare center can be frightening and exciting at the same time. It can be a breeze for some but most parents experience hell convincing their children that they will be back to fetch them later in the afternoon. Let me share to you some of my helpful tips to [...]

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Teaching Irish-American History in Daycare through St. Patrick’s Day

May 31, 2009

Tweet Tweet Every March daycare teachers and day-care providers have a chance to teach the children in their class a little bit about the culture and history of Ireland and the United States, by celebrating Irish-American History Month. Perhaps the most effective way to do this is by exposing the children to a simple and [...]

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Gift Ideas for Young Children on Mother’s Day

May 31, 2009

Tweet Tweet What better time to encourage the creativity and imagination of young children than mother’s day? A child’s love for his or her mother can be best expressed with a craft they’ve made with their own two hands. Also, these types of projects will allow preschool children enhance their motor skills, create visual awareness, [...]

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Tips for Parents and Providers for a Smooth First Day in DayCare

May 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet It is always scary and challenging both for parents and providers to look at the first day in daycare. It is always a big day for everyone concerned – the mom, child and the care provider. First times and first days are always both exciting and terrifying experiences so it is always best [...]

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Why A Family Day Care Is Important

April 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet You probably have several reasons for choosing to hire the services of a family daycare other than other types of daycare available. This is due to the fact that ther ar countless experiences when it comes to the various risks and dangers children face at childcare facilities.

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The “Green” Day Care

February 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet In the recent years, many child care centers had started their attempts at being “green” as possible. Some owners and provider have long started making trips to recycling centers with their meticulously divided waste. This feeble attempts at preserving the environment is the least they can do to help and serve as role [...]

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How Parents And Providers Should Deal With The Big Day

February 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet The first day is always the big day! Seeing your kid go to his daycare center for the first time can be your big source of happiness and stress. The experience is both terrifying and exciting. On the other hand, the first day is also one of the most anticipated moments of any [...]

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Parents Day At The Daycare

February 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet As a daycare provider, one should take advantage of every opportunity to involve the parents in the activities and provide input for their children. Seeing parents participate in child care provides a very positive experience to everyone especially to the children. There is much information that can be shared among parents and also [...]

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Early Childhood Valentine’s Day Art For Your Daycare

February 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet Valentine’s Day is not just a day for lovers, it’s the opportunity to offer flowers and chocolates to someone you adore so much or for kids, an activity to be creative and enjoy valentines card making activity. Make the children in your home daycare or daycare business hand out a heart with some [...]

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