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Spring Preschool Reading and Resource List: Free Spring Activity Printables

February 24, 2010

Tweet Tweet Spring is the season of the year between winter and summer when the weather becomes warmer and plants revive and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May, according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Spring is a great time for daycare providers to enhance their curriculum with story-time books [...]

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Teaching Preschoolers the Letter V: Alphabet Recognition Activities

February 8, 2010

Tweet Tweet Preschool teachers and daycare providers can help children learn to recognize and write the letter V through fun activities that support clear learning objectives. Learning Objectives The students will identify the letter V. The students make and recognize the V sound. The students will learn to trace and write upper and lower case [...]

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Presidents’ Day Preschool Reading and Resource List: Free President’s Day Worksheets

January 29, 2010

Tweet Tweet Presidents’ Day is a holiday which honors two presidents of the United States: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Presidents’ Day is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday in February. Celebrate Presidents’ Day in your daycare center by reading age appropriate stories that focus on great presidents, the presidency, and President’s [...]

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Valentine’s Day Caterpillar Craft for Preschoolers: Fine Motor Activity

January 25, 2010

Tweet Tweet When developing curriculum, daycare providers must include age-appropriate activities for young children that develop fine motor skills. This Valentine’s Day Caterpillar craft is an activity that will support a Thanksgiving unit as well as promote visual motor coordination, bilateral coordination, and hand strength. Fine motor skills are actions that involve the small movement [...]

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Black History Month Activities for Daycare Centers

January 20, 2010

Tweet Tweet February is Black History Month, a month set aside to celebrate the accomplishments and culture of African Americans. Get a head start by planning history lessons, creative activities, and music and movement activities in your daycare center that celebrate the history of blacks in America. Here are a few simple ideas in a [...]

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Daycare Activities

January 18, 2010

Tweet Tweet January 18, 2010 is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. This federal holiday commemorates the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of the civil rights movement, and is celebrated every year on the third Monday of January. While young children in a child care center may or may not be [...]

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Learning through Play and Preschool Activities: Interview with Jan Z. Olsen (Part 2)

January 15, 2010

Tweet Tweet In part two of our interview with Jan Z. Olsen, Olsen discusses how learning through play leads to real life learning in physical and cognitive development and offers examples of activities that a daycare provider can easily implement. OwnADaycare: How does play lead to real life learning in the area of physical development? [...]

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Learning Through Play and Preschool Activities: Interview with Jan Z. Olsen

January 13, 2010

Tweet Tweet Children learn through both direct and indirect play. Child day care providers can take advantage of opportunities for social and emotional learning through play activities. In our interview with expert Jan Z. Olsen, OTR, co-creator of The Get Set for School™ readiness program and founder and creator of Handwriting Without Tears®, explains the importance [...]

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Snowman Bowling Daycare Activity: Winter Gross Motor Preschool Activity

December 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Motor skills are actions that control how muscles move the body. Gross motor skills are those that control the large muscles of the body which are used to walk, run, crawl, sit, jump, and other large muscle activities. Preschool teachers and daycare providers can enhance gross motor skill development through effective lesson plans [...]

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Christmas: Teaching Preschoolers the Letter C; Alphabet Recognition Activities

December 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet Preschoolers and young children in child care centers can successfully learn to write the letter C as well as recognize objects beginning with the letter C through simple, fun activities. This activity ties in well with a Christmas lesson plan. Learning Objectives The students will identify the letter C The students make and [...]

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