Daycare Grants: What They Are and How You Can Receive Them

May 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet There are a variety of funding options available for daycare businesses such as grants and subsidies. A daycare grant is a one-time payment given to a childcare center for a specific need or project. A subsidy is an ongoing payment, usually provided by the government, which covers essentials such as food. Subsidies are [...]

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Attaining Grants for your Childcare Facility

March 5, 2009

Tweet Tweet The US government openly provides grants for businesses and establishments such as a daycare center. If you want to start your own cleaning business but do not necessarily have enough money to start it with, then you should definitely consider applying for grants for your daycare business. You want to hear something great? [...]

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Starting A Daycare With Government Grants

March 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet As long as people want to work, and create better lives, day care centers can be relied upon to make child care easier and better for working parents. For the potential business owner like you, a day care will never run out of clients. Assuming of course your day care is up and [...]

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Obtaining Grants For Your Child Daycare Center

January 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet Childcare center business is turning out to be a very profitable one. A lot of people are starting up this kind of business and those who had started are thinking of expansion or upgrading their facilities. However, capital outlay to start or expand a daycare center business is not easy to come by. [...]

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