Green Daycare

Environmentally-Friendly Art Supplies for Preschoolers: Green Art Supply Resource List

October 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet While most art supplies for children are tested for safety, many products still include toxins like lead, silica, dioxins, and arsenic that are potential health hazards. Today many companies produce green (or environmentally friendly) art supplies for children. For example, their crayons may be made from soy instead of petroleum and colored pencils [...]

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Unique childcare Businesses: Daycare Business Marketing Strategies

August 31, 2009

Tweet Tweet As you plan your child care business, consider offering unique and specialized child care services that other daycare businesses don’t offer. In this economy it is extremely important to market your business as a high quality and unique business so that it stands out from others. Specialized child care services are in high [...]

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