Day Care And Health Safety

July 20, 2009

Tweet Tweet There are certain things which you want your child to get from a day care center. Lessons like counting, writing, reading and art are some of the things which you want your child to learn. What comes with this is the fact that your child is exposed to a lot of things. Not [...]

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Learn about childcare and health

June 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet Taking care of a child is a very meticulous task that needs care. Since children are more sensitive and prone to infection than adults, you must make sure that your child has all the things needed to be healthy and safe even in the daycare center.

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Developing Children’s Health and Physical Well-being

May 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet The early stages of a child’s life are critical for their physical and health well-being, emotional upbringing, and social and cognitive growth and development. That is why it is really important for the family to become loving, affectionate, and supportive to their children for it set a good foundation for their future learning.

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Health Safety in Child Care Facilities through Cleanliness

May 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet The fast paced that we are living today has greatly affected the lifestyle most families have. The need to earn money for the family has left parents with no choice but to resort to child care facilities for their children. Leaving their kids behind while they work is never easy. They tend to [...]

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