Day Care Staff Hiring 101

August 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet It’s is time to hire new staff for your day care and you might be getting confused from all of those that might be submitting resumes. As the owner, even if you had 34 applicants, you have no choice but to interview them all. How are you exactly going to pinpoint which are [...]

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Hiring And Retention Strategies For Daycare Managers

February 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Literally thousands of Day care center directors rely on their gut instinct when making critical hiring decision. They say it’s actually an effective hiring and retention strategy, however, despite that many of them thinks they’ve made a great job out of it, evidence shows the contrary.

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Hiring Child Care Providers

January 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Once your daycare center starts its operations and you have shown to the initial clients that you really meant business, more and more clients will be coming in. Before you knew it, the number of clients you have is way too much to handle by yourself – you need help. You will have [...]

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