What Kids Learn in Day Care

June 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet For very busy urban areas and cities, day care is one very popular set- up. With the busy and tough schedules of most families residing in urban cities, setting up of day care centres is really called for. The drawbacks of having busy schedules in urban areas are matched alongside the convenience of [...]

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Assure the Safety of your Kids

June 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet When you are leaving your child in a daycare, it is important that you provide the daycare center with your information and details. This includes your contact numbers at home, at work and even your cellphone. This is to assure that wherever you are, the childcare center can contact and reach you in [...]

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Enjoy the Kitchen with your kids!

June 5, 2009

Tweet Tweet Learning should not be limited inside the classrooms of the children. Even when your kids are at home, they should still have fun and learning activities with you. But then, the daily tasks that you have to finish and get done usually hinder the time for you and your kids to spend some [...]

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The Effective Way to Keep your Kids Healthy

May 24, 2009

Tweet Tweet Once you opt to leave your kids at a childcare center, there are still a number of concerns you have to consider. Childcare centers are business oriented facilities and thus, some of them overlook the value of cleanliness and hygiene. But still, there are ways to make sure your kids are healthy and [...]

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Starting A Day Care Center For The Love Of Kids

May 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Times are changing. Mothers of today are composed of career women rather than housewives. They are focused on earning money and saving up for the future of their family. This is why most mothers rely on day care centers to watch their children for them while they are away from home.

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How To Create A Memorable Summer Vacation For Your Kids

April 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet The summer season is here again. During this time, your kids will be home and free from school. As parents, you sure want to let your kids enjoy their summer vacation. Thus, here are some tips on how to make their summer memorable as possible.

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Making Sure Your Kids are Safe at Day Care

March 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet The main duty of parents is to make sure their children are growing up safely, healthy, and to provide whatever it is they need. Another duty that is of primary importance is the responsibility to protect their little ones from all types of danger. The latter poses a big question mark.

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Teaching Manners To Daycare Kids

February 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Day care center teachers should always practice, model and reinforce kid’s behaviors by giving positive attention on their needs and by helping them understand the consequences of their action.

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Income Generating In house Daycare Business

January 4, 2009

Tweet Tweet A lot of people thinks that loving kids and having a nice home is the key to having one of the popular in-home or in-house daycare business. But really it takes a lot more than that.

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