Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Children: Interview with Myelita Melton

December 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet If your daycare or preschool program does not include curriculum that introduces children to foreign languages, you may want to rethink or restructure your daycare program. According to experts, introducing children to foreign languages should begin as early as possible. For a child in a daycare center, the advantages and benefits of learning [...]

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The Importance Of Play And Learning

August 4, 2009

Tweet Tweet The importance of play There are things that children learn by reading books. But a lot of the things that these children learn are from play. There are a number of reasons why this is so. But the most basic part of it is the child’s desire. But for a child to learn, [...]

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Maximize Space Maximize Learning In Your Daycare

August 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet Parents are very particular when it comes to the day care where they are sending their children to. They need to make sure that their children are well taken care of in the best possible way. Because of the increasing standard of living, parents have no more choice but to deal with this [...]

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Creating a Learning Environment for Young Children

July 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet What makes a preschool classroom an efficient place for learning and growth? First of all, it should be a place where children feel safe and well cared for. Secondly, it should be a venue where the individuality of each child is given importance, and where they are given adequate attention, affection, and approval. [...]

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Learning How To Read And Count

July 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children are often eager to learn a lot of things. This may be caused by the fact that children are curious about their surroundings and would want to discover each and every single thing that they come across with. It is also believed that a child’s ability to learn is at a maximum [...]

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