Managing your daycare center

June 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet Expenses in Childcare When enrolling your child in a daycare or a childcare center, there are quite a number of fees that you are entitled to pay. The main cost that parents shell out is for the enrollment fee. Some daycare centers charge for the materials that the child uses in the center [...]

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Managing The Food Of Children In Your Daycare

February 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet One of the many problems a teacher or a daycare provider can face when dealing with toddlers and preschoolers is proper nourishment. Theses young children will often be messy to feed or will be too choosy when it comes to their food. They would often prefer junk food or sweets and reject foods [...]

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Managing Your Daycare Center In Three Ways

January 29, 2009

Tweet Tweet Opening your own home daycare center can get a lot of work. It would actually depend on your skills, hard work, and determination. It must provide a service that clients – most especially parents, are satisfied with your services. In starting one, you need to have a strategic plan to achieve those goals.

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