Operating Your Daycare Center

April 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet As parents, we all want only the best things for our kids and if we are the ones running a day care center, it would be our aim to provide only the best for our clients. However, providing all the best things doesn’t mean that we would be spending more and increasing our [...]

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Daycare Business Advertising

December 22, 2008

Tweet Tweet As a woman, it is so important to be financially independent and able to earn extra income. One way to reach this ideal is starting a day care business. Owning and operating a day care facility is not only enriching but also financially rewarding.

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Effective Daycare Management

December 19, 2008

Tweet Tweet Operating a day care business entails a lot of work and sacrifice. The long list of things to be done never seem to end. Aside from the business planning, area designing and marketing to obtain clients, management of the business is also an essential factor in the daily tasks for the business. Here [...]

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