What the Parents should look for in a Day Care Center

August 5, 2009

Tweet Tweet When you finally decided to put your child in a day care center, the next step is to choose what day care center it would be. With this matter, there are a lot of factors to consider in evaluating your options. There are a lot of things you should inquire the day care [...]

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Parents and your Childcare Business

July 28, 2009

Tweet Tweet Having a childcare business doesn’t only involve having a good relationship with the children in your care. You also have to be in good terms especially with the parents of the children under your care. This is why talking to the parents of the child is very necessary in order for you to [...]

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Tips for Parents and Providers for a Smooth First Day in DayCare

May 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet It is always scary and challenging both for parents and providers to look at the first day in daycare. It is always a big day for everyone concerned – the mom, child and the care provider. First times and first days are always both exciting and terrifying experiences so it is always best [...]

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Five Things Parents Should Know About Daycare

May 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Parents must know what their daycare providers are thinking because more often than not, they are not telling what is in their mind. If you ask why, it is because they just do not want to hurt any feelings and of course they do not want to lose their business. Here are five [...]

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Working Parents Hire Child Care Services For Their Children

March 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet Babies can bring about joy to any family. Taking care of a baby or a child is one the best experiences one can have in his lifetime. When you have a baby at home you will slowly realize the changes that you can undergo just for their sake. Your lifestyle and habits changes [...]

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After-school Program For Teens Brings Comfort To Working Parents

February 25, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children who have working parents usually need special attention in times when parents won’t be able to attend to them. While there are childcare programs available now like daycare centers, guidance from parents are still most important.

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Advantage Of Daycare For Single Parents

February 24, 2009

Tweet Tweet It’s the new year and you can definitely say that it’s a bad way of welcoming the year because of the staggering economy. This is a great concern for every individual all over the world but it’s even of a bigger concern for single parents who do not have a partner in life [...]

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Involving The Parents In Daycare Activities

February 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Day care providers must take advantage of every available opportunity to include parent’s ideas and listen to their input. It is always fruitful and result oriented when parents of children are included in day care activities. Day care employees also can share information that they have seen some improvements regarding the child at [...]

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How Parents And Providers Should Deal With The Big Day

February 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet The first day is always the big day! Seeing your kid go to his daycare center for the first time can be your big source of happiness and stress. The experience is both terrifying and exciting. On the other hand, the first day is also one of the most anticipated moments of any [...]

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Parents Day At The Daycare

February 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet As a daycare provider, one should take advantage of every opportunity to involve the parents in the activities and provide input for their children. Seeing parents participate in child care provides a very positive experience to everyone especially to the children. There is much information that can be shared among parents and also [...]

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