Preparing Your Child For A Day Care

August 20, 2009

Tweet Tweet Childcare is seen as one of the most important things that parents should not neglect especially when it come to their daily lives. Children do need to be taken care all the time this is why most parent just choose to send their children in a day care center. But before you react, [...]

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5 Kid-Friendly Tips in Preparing a Child For Daycare

July 19, 2009

Tweet Tweet Aside from learning about a child’s ability to adapt in an external environment, parents when considering childcare facilities should be familiarized with the activities, standard and safety of the daycare facilities presented to them. A good-quality daycare facility of choice does not need to be expensive; it may be a daycare facility in [...]

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Preparing for your Child’s Pre-schooling

June 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet Before your child begins his first day in school, it is good for you to know some few more stuff that will make your child more successful in his early studies. First, try to figure out whether there is a registration deadline in the school where you want your child to attend his [...]

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