What the Parents should look for in a Day Care Center

August 5, 2009

Tweet Tweet When you finally decided to put your child in a day care center, the next step is to choose what day care center it would be. With this matter, there are a lot of factors to consider in evaluating your options. There are a lot of things you should inquire the day care [...]

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What should You Look For In A Childcare Staff?

July 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet A childcare center’s top priority is the welfare of the children. They need to make sure that a child gains physical, mental, psychological, social and emotional development when they are enrolled in a childcare center. This goal is fulfilled by childcare centers through various programs and activities which they have made in order [...]

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Basic Childcare Tips You Should Know

May 24, 2009

Tweet Tweet The search for basic childcare guidelines should start as soon as you get to know your due date. It pays to search early because it gives you ample time to go through the available childcare options. It is a must that you check and consider different options so that you can settle with [...]

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Five Things Parents Should Know About Daycare

May 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Parents must know what their daycare providers are thinking because more often than not, they are not telling what is in their mind. If you ask why, it is because they just do not want to hurt any feelings and of course they do not want to lose their business. Here are five [...]

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The 10 Things You Should Expect On Childcare

April 21, 2009

Tweet Tweet We will discuss the 10 things you should expect from a daycare center that takes care of your children while you’re away from home. Each child care center, aside from the fact that they are there to take care of your children, has its own programs offered which are unique from each other. [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child To Daycare

February 19, 2009

Tweet Tweet Certain Illnesses that can keep my child out of Daycare Several information on the most common illnesses that can be acquired by children in daycare like hand, foot and mouth disease, fifths disease, and ringworm.

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How Parents And Providers Should Deal With The Big Day

February 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet The first day is always the big day! Seeing your kid go to his daycare center for the first time can be your big source of happiness and stress. The experience is both terrifying and exciting. On the other hand, the first day is also one of the most anticipated moments of any [...]

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