Background Check For Your Day Care Staff

August 17, 2009

Tweet Tweet Day care centers are one of the places where security is highly valued. With all the children being taken care of each day, it is the day care facility’s responsibility that they make sure that each and every child they handle are in good hands. Especially in these times, it is so hard [...]

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Training For Your Day Care Staff

August 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Hiring staff members for your day care center is not as easy as your think. A day care center is in charge of taking care of children this is why each and every staff member should be screened carefully. Part of this screening is an on the job training that each and every [...]

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Day Care Staff Hiring 101

August 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet It’s is time to hire new staff for your day care and you might be getting confused from all of those that might be submitting resumes. As the owner, even if you had 34 applicants, you have no choice but to interview them all. How are you exactly going to pinpoint which are [...]

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Hire Your Day Care Staff Correctly

August 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet Generally, the hiring process is such a hard thing to go through. As the employer, you may really need to do your research when you hire someone. Expect that you will be receiving a couple of applications from the people and it is important that you know how to hire the right the [...]

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Success In Your Business When You Retain Your Day Care Staff

August 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet The best asset that you will ever have in your day care business is your cleaning staff. Without them, you will never get to make your day care work out. They are the ones who make sure that the children are all behaved as well as taken care of all the time. While [...]

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What should You Look For In A Childcare Staff?

July 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet A childcare center’s top priority is the welfare of the children. They need to make sure that a child gains physical, mental, psychological, social and emotional development when they are enrolled in a childcare center. This goal is fulfilled by childcare centers through various programs and activities which they have made in order [...]

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Day Care Staff Compensation

June 2, 2009

Tweet Tweet Anyone running a day care business would know how vital the role of the staff is. The precise staff is so priceless that they are considered as the face as well as backbone of the day care business. You desire to recompense them for their work as a thank you for whatever they [...]

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On-The-Job Training For Daycare Center Staff

February 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet The staff you ought to hire in your own daycare center need to have certain skills required of any daycare center. It is important that your personnel are able to meet the basic requirements when it comes to caring for children and dealing with them and should have the basic knowledge as well [...]

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Background Checks On Daycare Staff

December 16, 2008

Tweet Tweet In the day care business, it is important that an employer conducts a background check for a prospective employee. These checks would help keep the company, one’ self and the children entrusted to the day care safe. These checks ensure the following; Firstly as to their identity and qualifications as individuals applying for [...]

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