Training For Your Day Care Staff

August 10, 2009

Tweet Tweet Hiring staff members for your day care center is not as easy as your think. A day care center is in charge of taking care of children this is why each and every staff member should be screened carefully. Part of this screening is an on the job training that each and every [...]

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Training for Childcare Service

June 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Programs for Babysitting Given proper training, teenagers have the potential to be great babysitters. Especially for teenagers who do have younger siblings, they are more likely to know about entertaining kids but at the same time asserting their authority with them. If you are looking for a babysitter, make sure that who you [...]

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Toilet Training in Daycare

June 7, 2009

Tweet Tweet You cannot do away with toilet training the children under your care. This seems daunting but it would be easier if the child will take the lead. It is important to work with parents on toilet training the child so that you will agree or use the same approach to avoid confusion. It [...]

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Home DayCare Training And Efficient Service

May 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet Home daycare services are gaining importance in the world today. As more and more people are feeling the need to leave their children in the hands of able bodied and experienced care givers, more and more people are opening their homes to accept daycare duties. The increase in home daycare customers has caused [...]

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Daycare And Preschool Potty Training Tips

March 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet Children who are usually enrolled to a daycare center are usually between the ages of 0 to six years old. This means that there are greater chances for the children enroled in your daycare to still be unaware of how and when to use the potty. It is therefore important for any daycare [...]

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On-The-Job Training For Daycare Center Staff

February 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet The staff you ought to hire in your own daycare center need to have certain skills required of any daycare center. It is important that your personnel are able to meet the basic requirements when it comes to caring for children and dealing with them and should have the basic knowledge as well [...]

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