Going back to Work and Daycare Issues

July 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet A few months after giving birth, it is normal for a parent to want to go back to work for random reasons. Sometimes it is the need to earn money that drives a mother to work again. During these times, one of the biggest problems that parents encounter is looking for someone who [...]

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Fund Raising Events: How To Make One Work For You

February 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet Characteristics: Good and Bad Since day care fund raisers can be very difficult to organize and plan, the organizers will need to apply a genius day care fund raising idea to utilize and make the activity successful. For better and positive results, organizers should stick to the tried and tested ideas for a [...]

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Childcare Insurance

January 7, 2009

Tweet Tweet Daycare centers is a flourishing business as more and more parents work full time and as such they have to leave their children to the care of somebody else. Once children are brought into a daycare center, they become the center’s responsibility. The center has liability should anything happen to the children under [...]

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Effective Daycare Management

December 19, 2008

Tweet Tweet Operating a day care business entails a lot of work and sacrifice. The long list of things to be done never seem to end. Aside from the business planning, area designing and marketing to obtain clients, management of the business is also an essential factor in the daily tasks for the business. Here [...]

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Daycare – An Easy Start-up

December 15, 2008

Tweet Tweet Childcare has changed in the last twenty years. Some would say that running a day care would be fun. This is an appealing option for those who do not wish to leave home for work. People have differing reasons why opting for a work from home business is quite appealing. One of the [...]

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Home Daycare Business

December 11, 2008

Tweet Tweet Working from home is a great way to spend time with children yet still have the financial capacity to be able to live comfortably. As a husband, this may seem to be an unpopular choice, especially when one spends a great deal of time with mommies. But the emotional rewards far outweigh the [...]

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