Teaching Manners To Daycare Kids

by admin on February 10, 2009

Day care center teachers should always practice, model and reinforce kid’s behaviors by giving positive attention on their needs and by helping them understand the consequences of their action.

Kids in day care age are in the process of learning and practicing age-approriate manners which includes understanding behavious acceptable in public, proper friendship manners as well as meeting, greeting others and table manners.

So during this time, day care teachers and providers should help their students maintain proper decorum and manage their unacceptable behaviors. This could be a bit difficult especially when handling children, but here are a few tips to consider –

Being a model and providing positive reinforcement
Teachers should model behaviors such as using their “indoor” voice. It is also important to always use an instructional attitude with preschooler such as saying “You may do that at home but we do it differently here” or “we don’t say that word here.”

Give positive attention to the needs of the child, however, bad behaviour should not receive positive attention – attention should be focused on the need. A child sometimes feels that he is left out and does things like pushes or hits in their attempt to be included. This attention needs to be paid to the desire to play and belong. A child’s inner turmoil only increases when you give negative attention to an appropriate behavior. A child care provider should always keep in mind that punishment only adds insult to injury while positive attention goes a long way.

Inappropriate Behavior should be corrected
A day care teacher should always exercise discretion when correcting inappropriate manners. Talking to a preschooler in private is one great skillful ways of nipping the bad behavior of the child. Preschoolers are becoming more aware and concerned with their peer’s opinions and they can be easily embarrassed. Confronting and correcting bad behaviors should be done in private by smart preschool teachers.

Day care providers should also help the children understand the consequences of their actions. It had always been encouraged that teachers to allow the consequences to teach the child. For instance, if one of the day care children is hitting someone, a teacher can simply step in and say something like, “I can’t let you hit your classmates. Since you are hitting you seatmate, you must move away from these children.” Then the teacher moves the child to another part of the room. Doing this consequence teaches the child that inappropriate aggressive behaviour can result to removal from the group.

Children should also be given choices when day care providers are solving some problems. It is also considered a great strategy for problem solving. So provide them with choices and ask the kids what can work so that things will work out for both of them. Let them come up with ideas before telling them what should be done.

Though many kids are continuously learning manners in their own homes, preschool teachers should consider themselves instruments in teaching and reinforcing manners. Soon as these kids complete preschool, they will learn more about manners that are acceptable and unacceptable.

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