Teaching Your Child How To Read

by admin on August 17, 2009

What is one activity that children love to do? This may seem such a difficult question to answer, but if you just took your time and notice what children love to do, you might find the answer. Children find it enjoyable to read. Maybe because of the curiosity that they have, children are always excited to read and learn new things. At their age, reading gives the children a lot of information added to their knowledge. There are so many lessons that they can learn when they read books. As parents, you may know that if there is one thing that you should invest in when it comes to your child’s learning, these are books.

First Things First
The first thing that you should be able to accomplish is to teach the children how to read. This is the first step in teaching your child the value of reading books. How can they enjoy something which they do not know how to do right? How are you going to start with this? There are a lot of questions that you want to ask when it comes to teaching your child how to start reading, so here is how it is done.

Wordless picture books are a great way to start teaching your child. These books are full of pictures which tell a story without the sentences or words that usually come with these. This is quite effective for pre school children since the pictures create a story as they are viewed in sequential order. Through this, your child will learn that reading is done from left to right with the right way of flipping the pages. This will give them the sense of the right way of reading a book. As you read to them, they will be able to make up their own dialogues as well as story lines as they read each picture. This can encourage them to become readers in the future.

Slowly Build Up
The advantage of having wordless picture books is the way in which you can adjust story telling. Since there are no words that accompany each page, you have the liberty to add or make the stories more complex as you read to your child. You will be able to add certain details as slowly as you can. You can add verb, adjectives, nouns and so on which can add to the vocabulary of your child. The tenses can also be varied as well as well as the tones in the dialogues. This makes your story telling as versatile as you want it to be. You can add more event as well as dialogues each time you read the story to your child. This will expand his imaginations when it comes to reading books.

Let Him Read
Encouraging interaction between you and your child will make reading a more enjoyable and fun activity for your child. You can start reading the first page of the story and ask your child to continue what you have started. This will make you child be more attentive to what you are saying to him. You will be able to enhance the communication skills that you children is developing. One way to make this very effective is by asking him questions along the way, this will make your child pay more attention to the details of the book as well as make his imagination work. If you think that your child is ready, your child can even be the one to make up his own story. He can have his share of reading by asking him to read the story for you. This will give you a chance to evaluate the reading progress of your child.

What should you look for when you evaluate your child? You need to know that good readers follow a certain sequence that is logical. They have a way of organizing their thoughts into events that should happen logically. Besides from this, your child should be able to pay attention to as much details as possible. They are not expected to just notice what id obvious but they need to make sure that each and every detail is not missed as he looks at every picture. They are able to practice their comprehension skills. Through the pictures only, the children are expected to be able to make sense out of them. They should be able to come up with a story which has a unified theme. Part of this includes the elements of the story such as the plot, tone and the characters. By having an idea on these things, your child will have an easier time when it comes to reading various stories in the future.

Basically, wordless picture books prepared the child and equip them for future reading. Even if these books do not have words with them, the children are able to develop their reading skills. They will understand the concept that books have a begin, middle and an end. Their comprehension skills as well as imagination are enhanced as they are reading these books. These are two things which are very important when somebody reads a book because without these things, you will never really understand and enjoy reading a book.

Communication is also one thing which you need to enhance as your child is reading a book. They need to understand the sequences as well as the tenses which they are reading. As of now, as long as they are able to make up something out of the pictures, is already a great improvement for your child.

Do not get into a hurry by buying your children all those complicated books. Sometimes, all you need are the most simple things when you want your child to learn. Start from the basics and you will find it easier to develop more complex reading skills for your child. Teaching your child how to read is not that hard. You just need to know how to teach them in the right way. If you do, see how your child will easily be inclined to read as he grows older.

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