The 10 Things You Should Expect On Childcare

by admin on April 21, 2009

We will discuss the 10 things you should expect from a daycare center that takes care of your children while you’re away from home.

Each child care center, aside from the fact that they are there to take care of your children, has its own programs offered which are unique from each other. The facility of each child care center is budget- dependent. Most child care centers can provide different activities for their clients. There are some centers that have the least capacity to organize activities. But no matter how much the allotted operating budget is for a child care center, you can still count on these 10 things that the centers must provide:

1. Accessibility-A center that allows parents to walk- in at any time or day. The center is supposed to allow parents to make any amount of reasonable phone calls to ensure the safety of their child. There should not be a schedule for parents to make phone calls or a limit on the number of calls made by parents in a day.

2. Child Security – A safe environment should be the priority in a child care center. Be sure that all precautions are taken to ensure that your child is safe. This include plugging electrical sockets, keeping knives and sharp objects in a safe place far from the reach of children, closing off stairways and using only safe and well maintained equipment, keeping the center smoke-free. When traveling, be sure that the provider should always use safety seats and belts.

3. Integrity And Assurance – The child care center must assure the parents of the things they know that they can promise to fulfill. Empty promises are a no-no in daycare centers. The children’s safety is at risk here. As parents, you must be rest assured of the safety of you children in the daycare centers. Personal information, or any information about you or the children must not be disclosed to anyone else but you.

4. Complying With Requests – The centers must be open to any possibility of parents having special requests for their children. They should make every effort to comply with the wishes of the parents. These may be as simple as the food the child will eat, activities the child will or won’t participate in and any special care that needs to be given to the child. Should the parents have requests which are hard to fulfill, a compromise should be made that has been well thought of.

5. Advance Announcements – Should the child care center have any changes in schedule or plans, the child center provider should give the parents an advance notice of these. In this way, the parents can make plans to have the child moved to another center if they are not available on certain days.

6. No Family Involvement – The provider or the child care center should not talk to the child about any problems the parents may be having. Involvement with personal matters is not part of the day care center’s services. This is a psychologist’s job. The sole responsibility of the provider is to care for the child, the safety of the children and to look out for them when the parents are away.

7. Don’t Criticize the Parents – The method of raising the children must never be assessed by the provider. The provider must not tell the parents what is right or what is wrong with how they brought up their children. Let the parents open up to seek for advice in taking care of their children.

8. Certified Staff- The provider should assure the parents that they have certified child care aide and a trustworthy staff. The parents should be informed regarding the qualifications when hiring staff such as the screening process everyone goes through upon application.

9. Constant Communication – The center must always maintain constant communication with the parents. Regular reports of the children’s progress or lack of it must be done to make the parents aware of the situation of their children. The parents have the right to be kept informed regarding all activities the child participate in and those which they find it hard to do.

10. No Room for Surprises – Lastly, the provider should tell always the parents should impromptu incidents happen. It is the parents right to know all the things which are happening in the daycare center- just as how they would if they are the ones taking care of their children. This serves the purpose of bringing their children to a daycare center- to be their eyes when they could not look after their children.

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