The Benefits Of Entrusting Your Child to A Reputable Daycare Center

by admin on May 6, 2009

The daycare center manages the need the child’s evolving needs. These centers must be regulated by local legislation, as well as every nitty gritty detail: the washroom, sleeping, eating, window space, floor space per child, number of children per room, and light levels for example.

Even the staffing is regulated, and before one becomes a daycare provider – strong qualifications and experience is needed.

Teachers and instructors should have an Associates Degree in child development while the lead teacher should have a Bachelors Degree in early childhood education. The course of Child Development Associate has set fundamental standards for all home daycare programs.

The good news though is that more research and studies have showed that daycare centers are not injurious to parental care or a child`s development – it is in fact working for the parent’s benefits. There daycare centers allow children to interact with one another at the proper age allowing them the chance to grow socially, increasing good behavioral performance, as well as educational progress.

A study conducted and published in March, 2007 by the National Institute of Health disclosed that children attending high quality daycare scored higher in vocabulary tests compared to those who either did not attend daycare or attended a low-grade care service.

The advantages are seen in children having better memory and other fine motor skills. The only downside that the study found out though is that preschool children under the age of three and a half – may acquire bad behavior attitudes, become disobedient, or argumentative, and or become slightly aggressive when pushed into daycare or preschool at a very young age.

Bear in mind that the readiness of the child is to go into daycare service will be beneficial for everyone. The advantages of leaving your child in a good daycare facility cannot be replaced by good parenting.

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