The Color Orange Preschool Lesson Plan

by Carla on March 21, 2011

Enjoy this simple preschool lesson plan about the color orange. The activities below will introduce children to the color orange through fun facts, activities, books, songs, and a game. This lesson plan works well in conjunction with a daycare center unit theme about colors.

Orange Math Activity
In this simple math activity, children will sort oranges by size. Create oranges in three different sizes of orange felt.  Divide a felt board into three areas and place the one of three different oranges in each area. Next encourage the children to take turns sorting the oranges by size, placing them the correct areas.

Orange Collage Craft
Each student should bring in one orange item from home. As well, have some orange items on hand such as fabric scraps, yarn, buttons, tissue paper, cotton balls, confetti, glitter, wallpaper, or wrapping paper. Have each child present their orange item and then glue the orange items to create a collage. Add orange embellishments of your choice.

Orange Music and Movement
Teach the children the song Orange, Orange, Orange* to the tune of “The Blind Mice:.
Orange, orange, orange.
Orange, orange, orange.
What is orange? What is orange?
An orange, a cantaloupe, and a peach,
A pumpkin, a goldfish, and cheddar cheese,
The carrot that my little rabbit eats,
They are orange
Orange Snack
Encourage each child to bring in orange snacks and have an orange snack party. Some food choices include: Orange slices, slices of cheese, cantaloupe slices, carrots with hummus dip, cupcakes with orange frosting, peach slices,  cheddar crackers, orange gelatin, dried apricots, and peach ice cream.

Preschool Books about the Color Orange

Here are some great books about the color orange to share with children:
The Orange Shoes by Trinka Hakes Noble and Doris Ettlinger [Sleeping Bear Press, 2007]
I See Orange (All about Colors) by Trudy Micco [Enslow Elementary, 2010]
Why is an Orange Called an Orange? by Cobi Ladner [McArthur & Co., 2003]
Autumn Orange (Know Your Colors) by Christian C. Jones and Todd Ouren [Picture Window Books, 2007]
Orange in My World (The World of Color) by Joanne Winne [Children’s Press, 2000]

*Orange Orange Orange taken from

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