The Importance Of Play And Learning

by admin on August 4, 2009

The importance of play
There are things that children learn by reading books. But a lot of the things that these children learn are from play. There are a number of reasons why this is so. But the most basic part of it is the child’s desire. But for a child to learn, learning must incorporate the element of fun. Therefore the idea here in teaching children in a daycare setting is t o lessen the element of work and give more emphasis on the element of fun. Make sure that they learn while having a good time as this is what children prefer to do. For a parent, it is better for you to teach your child to learn while playing because playing will help then keep interested in what you are teaching them. There are subjects in a daycare like math and science that is taught in a classroom like setting, but it is still essential to put a little fun in it.

Social interaction
There are a lot of ways in which children learn, and more often than not these ways integrate the some sort of physical activity and social interaction with the teacher and other children. Study even show that babies learn in a similar fashion. The main thing is that parents must also introduce in the teaching process activities in which the children can use their sense of taste, touch sight and smell. When it comes to babies, they often like it when the teacher play games like peek-a-boo. These games are good for them as they can also practice their senses. Other games that make them interact with the teacher are also good for them as these games make them interact too, especially when the one they are p-laying with is a family member.

When these children grow, their need to learn still needs to be jumpstarted. Just remember, in running a daycare, always bring in the element of fun to make them do the activities. You must also instil or integrate how they could build up their imaginative ways. You can do this allowing them to pick out a costume and let them wear it during their stay in the daycare. Then encourage these children to act out the costume they are wearing. An example of this would be a costume of an angel. This becomes role playing in its pure form. The child wearing the angel costume will now act like an angel the way he or she knows. As the child will learn from this that an angel is a bearer of God’s message, the effect is that the child might even be curious and may want to find out what is the word of God. This is the kind of game in which the child will learn a lot from.

But even the way children play has developed in some ways. In kindergarten and preparatory schools, story reading with pictures were the best ways to teach a child. This style of teaching also develops interaction between them and other children and with other people too. An example of this is to let them imagine that they are in a kiddie movie. Narrate to them what the movie is all about. Then later, make them act out the characters in the movie in their own style. A lot of basic things like speaking can be learned from this type of learning.

Important skills for the children
There are a lot of the important manners in which a child should learn that you can teach in a daycare. There are also activities that will help children learn with the use of games. These are drawing, craft projects, dancing, playing with blocks.

When you use drawing, it is best that you use a variety of mediums like paint and pencil because this will allow the children to learn about shapes, letters and numbers. Craft projects allow the children to discover their talents and play with colour, shapes, texture and dimension. With dance, the children can explore the physical aspect of their bodies and teaches the children to keep fit. Playing with plastic or wooden or plastic blocks allow the children to be more creative using their imagination to build blocks using balance, structure, dimension.

Aside from these, there are other skills that these children can learn from these. An example of this is that you can teach the children how to focus eyeing their attention on a particular letter. It is not advisable to make elaborations but you can put some dramatics in it.

One thing that you must look for is for the kids to have fun for a long time. The thing is those children from age nine onward actually are in need to learn to reason to people and think for themselves. Another thing that children within this age group need to develop are their social skills. Activities in which these children can achieve this is by forming teams in doing projects for science or building blocks and putting together puzzles. You can also ask them to do computer projects and computer games. When these children do these computer games, this will help them develop hand and eye coordination.

You as a parent is will play a major role in how fast the child will learn. When these children learn how to imagine, create structure, play and pretend are all instrumental in the learning development of the child. The most basic skills children develop aside from their math skills and the ABC’s are the skills that they will need to learn and use for them to successfully interact with other children and for them to explore, reason out and to plan out. These are the basic things that they will need to carry on with their lives.

The imaginative jungle
You can ask the children to make a safari jungle in the daycare. This will provide so much fun for the children and the parents. Listed below are some tips on how to make a jungle in the daycare. These ideas are also good as long as the children want to. The ideas are play jingle themes, put animal stuff toys on the shelf, read jingle stories, define to the children the word jungle.

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