The Legalities Of Running A Day Care Center

by admin on December 25, 2008

A day care is a business with many legal guidelines and requirements that need to be observed at all times. Many businesses sadly are unaware of these responsibilities in the ownership and management of a day care facility. As an owner and manager, one would have many duties to respond to avoid the many consequences laws were designed to prevent.

The real interest of the facility must be checked on at all times. One must be fully aware of all the responsibilities that need be met when running one’s own day care facility. All the responsibilities must be considered and in order to be successful, all responsibilities, both as a business and a legal entity must be observed. When one cuts corners and an accident occurs, the owner would be liable for the full cost of the injury. So keeping one’s nose clean by following all the rules would be likely result in great success for the business. This is gained by finding out the state, city and local legislation, including the child services administration for the operation of the business.

First off, one needs to get a business license and each state, county and locality have differing rules on its requirements. Find out from your local office’s small business administration department as to the requirements in obtaining a license. And the special needs of a day care needs to be addressed. With one’s compliance with the set guidelines under the law, one not only protects the business, but more importantly the children under one’s care and management. Failure to comply makes one liable administratively and criminally and be blacklisted for future operations.

Background checks are also imperative. All the personnel must have no criminal records and their qualifications must make them experts in the field of child care. Some other states require formal first aid training and CPR certification. The Red Cross can provide these for a minimal fee. In running a day care, one needs these specialized trainings to be better prepared against an accident if and when it occurs. Also, one needs to be certified by a nutritionist as to the food being prepared and the health safety inspector to determine that there are no hazards to the children while at the facility.

One needs to pass the inspection of the facilities. This is to ensure the safety, adequacy and environmental soundness of the facility. Medications need to be at arms reach, fire extinguishers that are ready, and the safe handling and storage of harmful chemicals need to be observed. The inspection will look at every nook and cranny of the facility in order to be assured that the day care center is a safe place where children can play and learn. Once all the minimum requirements have been met, a certificate for operation would be issued. This is the stamp of approval which allows the facility to receive children and operate as a business. So to make this happen, one needs to prepare to facilities to comply with the requirements of the laws on day care facilities.

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