Things You Will Need To Help Baby Learn And How To Use Them

by admin on June 14, 2009

Babies are too young to be enrolled in a daycare. So in lieu of enrolling your baby in a daycare, here are some tips that daycare centers do for toddlers.

These are the changes one should expect from a baby during the first year of their existence.

They start to develop their skills in language and communication. A few signs of these are when they make noises that come from their throats and their first cry. Then they speak their first word which is usually the words ‘dada’ and ‘mama’. After that they will make a lot of sounds and identify the names of those they regularly see. And they will start enjoying listening to same sounding words.

At this stage, they also learn how to gain body control. A few of these are holding their heads up, sit up by themselves, stand up on their own, roll over and in certain cases, walk.

They develop the awareness that they are different from others. They develop familiarity with their hands and feet. They develop the liking to play with their hands and feet. They start crying when their parents leave them to their nannies. They also start to become familiar with their names.

They start to play games. They begin by playing with both their hands. Then they progress to toys and play with toys in an “in and out’ motion. The next thing to expect is that they will carry toys around the house.

This is also the stage where they can relate to other people. The usually respond to grown-ups than to babies. But then later on they will start noticing other babies too. Although the will not see these other babies as human beings. But when these babies start making sounds, that’s when they will realize that these babies are humans too.

The Needs Of Babies
There are a lot of basics that babies need. Some of these are a lot of chances to hear people talk, making sounds and hear and see people respond by making sounds too. Parents who will show them a lot of loving; who will tend to them when they cry and make them feel safe from harm. The chance to move around and do new actions. Things that are safe enough for them to touch and look at closely. They need a safe area where they can play in.

Babies will gain your trust when they know that you are physically close to them, when they physically feel you and when they hear your voice always.

Music helps in the development of the baby. As you play music, slowly make some actions using your newborn baby’s extremities. It will also help if you tickle the baby near the neck and the stomach. When she starts showing that she can control her head, lay her on the floor and rest her head on you. When she starts reaching for any part of your face, just let her. Then as she touches it, you tell her what it is.

Put the baby on her belly. There are studies that conclude that this action helps release a chemical called endorphins which helps your baby feel at ease. This will also help in the development of her back and abdominal muscles which she will eventually need when she crawls.

Cuddle and sing a song to her. Hold the baby securely in your arms and against your chest or lay the baby on your lap facing you. Support the head with your hand always. Then sing to her a lullaby.

Do some happy things on a regular basis. Take for example the singing of lullabies. Make this a nightly thing before you tuck her in. You can rub her tummy.

When the baby starts to cry, pick her up right away. Make sure that you find out why she is crying. The normal reasons why babies cry is that they are wet, feeling hot, boredom or the most common of all, hunger. Remember that when she is crying, she is actually trying to communicate something to you. By comforting the baby, she will get the message that you do understand what she is feeling.

Singing an action is always entertaining to babies

When it comes to comforting her when she is upset, the best thing that you can do is to put on some music and take her safely in your arms and just smoothly glide inside the room. The dancing motion will comfort her. To heighten her amusement during her times of cheerfulness, put on a song with a bouncy beat.

Once babies open their eyes in the morning, they are already working in learning about the things they see. If you want to help them in this learning process, provide them things that they can see and touch. Make use of things that you find in your home will be good enough.

The basic things that you might need for the baby in her learning development are things that make rattling sounds like a bunch of keys or a handful of coins; wooden spoons with faces drawn on the head of it; a bunch of fabrics with different textures like velvet, fur, cotton, satin, microfiber and burlap; a roll of paper towels; safe kitchen utensils like pots; a purse that is no longer being used so that the baby can practice moving things in and out if the purse; measuring spoons and cups; containers made out of plastic and cartons; and big spools.

How To Use These Things

The first thing that you must do is to allow your baby to observe these things, then let her touch each of them, and to those that make sounds, allow her to listen to them. Put priority to things that can make noise, are brightly coloured and have varied textures.

Let your baby start with a maximum of two objects at a time. Place these two things in one particular area where the baby can have easy access to them.

These are some techniques that you can do at home to your baby because these are techniques practiced in daycare centres.

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