Toilet Training in Daycare

by admin on June 7, 2009

You cannot do away with toilet training the children under your care. This seems daunting but it would be easier if the child will take the lead.

It is important to work with parents on toilet training the child so that you will agree or use the same approach to avoid confusion. It is recommended that you must be relaxed and do not put pressure on a child regarding this activity. Avoid anger with occasional mistakes and do not force the child to use the toilet nor consider it a big deal when he goes successful. A gentle praise will do because toilet training is a natural thing.

Readiness to toilet training must come from the child. Take note that every child has a different pace so do not force someone if he is not yet ready. The signs of readiness are the following:

* having clean diaper for at least two hours

* wakes up with clean diaper during nap time

* the child wanted to go to the toilet

* the child begins to like wearing underwear

With those signs, you begin toilet training the child with the permission of the parents for consistency. Always ask the child if he wants to go to the toilet. Take the child to the toilet and assist him to sit on toilet seat. Set a time for diaper change like after lunch or after taking a nap. Do not expect perfection right away, accidents may happen and do not give negative comment every time.

Some children would like to follow their peers in toilet training especially if their friends are already wearing undies.

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