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by admin on August 10, 2009

Hiring staff members for your day care center is not as easy as your think. A day care center is in charge of taking care of children this is why each and every staff member should be screened carefully. Part of this screening is an on the job training that each and every staff member must go through. This will make sure that the staff members have the right knowledge when it comes to dealing with the children. This is very important since childcare mainly focuses on practical skills so each staff must know what they are doing. What should the staff members be trained at? These are some of the things which you should train your staff members in:

Child care and supervision
You staff members should be trained well enough when it comes to supervising the children. Since children can get rowdy and hyper most of the time, it is important that they develop a skill to be able to take care of each and every child. Also, when a child has a problem, they need to be able to provide solutions to these problems such as disabilities or injuries.

Nutrition and Menu planning
Children should be fed with the right amount of nutritious food everyday. This is essential to their development as a growing child. Each staff member should be able to know the principles of the food pyramid and be able to prepare meals properly. Even if they want to have junkfood, the staff members must be able to give them proper food to eat. Besides from this, giving the children the right amount of food will increase improve the development of their bodies. This will make the children healthier.

Safety precautions
Since children are prone to accidents, staff members should be ready and alert all the times. The day care center must always be checked for possible danger zones. They need to be able to think ahead before these will happen. If they see that there is a potential cause of danger coming, they need to do something about it. They should never wait until an accident will happen before they do anything about it. This will only cause more trouble for your day care. Safety is very important especially when it comes to childcare.

Recognizing Symptoms of Illnesses
The staff must be trained to recognize any symptoms to sickness or such. By being able to do this, the child can receive the proper care and rest that they need so that condition of the child will not get worse. They will also be able to give the right medication to the child and ensure that he will get better.

Medication Assistance
Staff members must be trained to give medication to the children. If the children need to drink medicine, the staff members should give the child the proper dosage of the medicine. They are the ones who are in charge in giving the children their medicines to drink so they should also know when to give it to the child.

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