Unique childcare Businesses: Daycare Business Marketing Strategies

by Carla on August 31, 2009

As you plan your child care business, consider offering unique and specialized child care services that other daycare businesses don’t offer. In this economy it is extremely important to market your business as a high quality and unique business so that it stands out from others. Specialized child care services are in high demand and offering them can be extremely lucrative for your thriving daycare business.

There are many types of unique childcare services that your daycare business might offer:

24 hour child care: Most daycare centers open at 6 am and close at 6 pm. Daycare that offers its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is a growing trend and a necessity for some families. Some parents work long or overnight shifts like nurses and truck drivers must. Sometimes parents have to unexpectedly take an extra shift and need emergency child care services. Sometimes, a parent changes shifts from day to night. Twenty four hour daycare is extremely convenient and can be a true lifesaver.

Vacation Daycare: If your childcare business is situated in a vacation town, consider offering vacation daycare services. Perhaps your business is in lovely Santa Barbara. Visitors with small children may plan to spend a romantic evening wine tasting and having dinner. These parents can then make a reservation with your daycare business, which of course has proven to provide high-level child-care services on a 24-hour basis. Parents can then arrange to have their children taken care of by your daycare center for a particular window of time, anytime of the day.

Green Daycare: As our society becomes more and more environmentally conscious, green (or environmentally friendly) daycare centers are increasingly in demand. A green child care center takes special measures to ensure that the environment provides the best in health for children, offering locally-grown or organic food, and celebrating multiculturalism. Green daycare centers are concerned with harmful chemicals, pesticides and do their best to eliminate them. Children are taught to respect the earth and its precious resources.

Sick Daycare: When a parent has an important meeting and their child is sick and will be excluded from daycare, what does he or she do? There is a definite need for childcare centers that serve as an infirmary for mildly ill children on an emergency basis. Each day more than 350,000 children under the age of 14 years with both parents working are too sick to attend school or child care. The National Association for Sick Childcare has a wealth of information about creating such programs.

Drop In-Childcare: Drop-in daycare is basically back-up childcare. For example, if a parent has a doctor’s visit, an event that is not appropriate for kids, something unexpected comes up, or has a date, this type of childcare option is extremely convenient. Once their children are enrolled, parents can then take the kids to drop-in child care for necessary periods of time. While not around the clock care, drop-in childcare is usually open 7 days a week and offers later hours of service.

Niche daycare is an important consideration in these tough economic times. If your child care center offers specialized childcare services, be sure to use that as a selling point when creating your daycare business plan and marketing your daycare business.

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