What Kids Learn in Day Care

by admin on June 30, 2009

For very busy urban areas and cities, day care is one very popular set- up. With the busy and tough schedules of most families residing in urban cities, setting up of day care centres is really called for. The drawbacks of having busy schedules in urban areas are matched alongside the convenience of setting up a day care.

What exactly is daycare?
As it name implies, daycare refers to the service provided when taking care of a child by someone beside the parents of the child throughout the day. Right now, the popularity of day care is really rising in the United States. Painting like Picasso is not something taught in day care centers. What they will make your children do there is to participate in learning activities which can stimulate the development of your children.

What is the difference between day care and babysitting?

Babysitting is the temporary care given to a child only on occasions when the parents are not at home. Unlike babysitting, daycare provides regular care to the child. Child day care is done regularly while the parents are away for work. In contrast babysitting is done only on particular circumstances.

Before, child care used to be seen negatively. But nowadays, daycare service’s popularity is at the fore. This is probably because of the formality in the structure provided by the day care in extending child development, discipline and education. Some even provide pre- school services. Oftentimes, day care services can be extended within some specialized facility or even within your own home.

Accessories and Equipment Provided in the Day Care
For day care centres, first aid kits and medicine kits are really a must- have. As children play a lot, they are very prone to having small bruises and minor scratches. They can fall then scratch their knees. As these kinds of accident often happen to children as they run and play around, first aid kits are very handy.

If you have a day care, make sure that you keep a picture of each child’s parents or of the guardian’s child who should pick him or her up. This is an effective preventive measure to make sure that the children trusted in your child day care are safe from child molesters or any kind of abduction.

Children in your day care must each have sleeping mats. Usually, they take naps in daytime so your day care must have a napping room different from a playing room. Schedules and rules regarding napping time must be made so that children can take their naps. Toddlers and infants require special attention. This is why sleeping mats and other safe equipment must be provided to the children.

Since they like playing, you must give the children educational toys such as blocks as well as other toys safe for children. These toys must not have small parts which children can swallow causing chokes or worse, death. Make sure that playing toys or equipment outdoors are safe for them. Your house should be fenced and any kind of chemicals should be safely kept. They also like coloring books and drawings. Educational activities which children will enjoy are reading and drawing. Children easily get bored so you must also have educational programs and cartoon which you can make them watch sometimes. For outdoor activities such as swimming, make sure that you have an assistant who has a license and a certificate in performing CPR.

Ask the parents to bring their children food since they are the ones who know what the children love eating. The other equipment needed in day care centres for toddlers as well as infants are cribs, strollers, walkers and water dispenser for the child’s milk. For children aged four to six years old, they love playing with building blocks, coloring books, drawings, story books and toys. If you are interested in opening a day care center, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories and equipment needed.

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