What the Parents should look for in a Day Care Center

by admin on August 5, 2009

When you finally decided to put your child in a day care center, the next step is to choose what day care center it would be. With this matter, there are a lot of factors to consider in evaluating your options. There are a lot of things you should inquire the day care center you are considering.

1. Ensure that their operating hours coincide with your working hours. Know if they allow late pick-ups or if they charge extra amount for such delays.

2. Inquire about who are just allowed to pick up the child and what identifications do they require. This will make sure that they will not entrust your child to just anyone.

3. Also know if they operate during holidays and if ever how much they charge for such days.

4. Evaluate the teachers available in the center. Are they bubbly and fun to be with? Do they communicate with children well? If ever a teacher will be on leave or suddenly can’t go to work will they have a substitute teacher?

5. Also let them discuss to you about their policy on discipline. Ask about what they do about the child’s misbehavior and if they advise the parents when such things happen.

6. They must also have ready medicines in the center, just in case a child might need them. But inquire about prescription medicines and if they would need any authorization before they can give them to your child.

7. Inspect the day care center and if they have the necessary facilities such as fire extinguisher, fire exits, fire alarms, smoke detectors and other amenities. Also ensure that the equipments and the place itself are safe for children. Make sure that the harmful chemicals such as cleaning substances are out of reach of children. Also the outdoor play area must be fenced. Children must stay within the premises and in watch of the caregivers at all times.

8. Will they have a service for fetching the kids? If ever, what type of vehicle will they be using?

9. They must have a plan and schedule of activities. Are there any out of the center activities such as field trips? If ever there are, are additional costs to pay for?

10. Also observe the children enrolled in the center if they are having fun. Are they well taken cared of?

11. They also must be appreciative of the children’s work. This makes the kids prod of themselves and help build self-confidence. Do they have a corner for displaying the kids’ artwork?

12. Do they have nap time for the children? What do they do to those who would not want to sleep? And where do they let the children sleep?

Corporate Daycare

Companies are now engaging into putting up an on-site day care centers for their customers. This is already being done in places like Britain. In a supermarket in Britain, they have a day care center where parents can leave their kids while shopping. They have been practicing this for years and they realized that customers enjoy shopping more without distractions. They will then spend more time in shopping and the market will consequently profit more.

Make a Parade Float
Why not try joining in a local parade during special occasions. Have a float for your day care center. Decorate the float with artworks made by the kids. You can also have a banner designed by the kids together with the teachers. The kids can even have their handprints on it.

Volunteer in Community Works
It’s always nice to give back to the community which has helped you a lot. And engaging in volunteer works is a way of doing it. Though you have a full-time job and a busy life, you may devote some time in helping out others. You can bake home made goodies and have them dropped off together with your child to the day acre center. Also, for the centers operating from public funds, you can give donations in terms of goods and amenities such as good cleaning products. Cooperate with other parents and discuss about how you can help. Even just spending a little of your time may mean so much to those that you may be helping. So if you can spare just some of your hours, do so. And do it in good cause.

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