What You Need to Start a Daycare in Your Home

by admin on April 9, 2015

If you truly love kids, opening a daycare center in your home can be a great business choice. You can keep your business small by operating it from your home. You will need to prepare the space for your daycare and take care of all the legal necessities.

Legalities and LicensingThe requirements for licensing can vary depending on the state. For instance, you might only need a license for a daycare at home if you have a specific number of kids that are being watched. Typically, your home must be visited to for a safety check and paperwork for each child. You can learn more about the requirements by talking to the Department of Health, Department of Social Services or the Department of Family Services.

Your Home

If you have enough room for the amount of kids you would like to watch, you can have a home daycare. You will need enough room for children to be able to play outdoors. You will also need bathrooms designed for children and suitable for potty training.

Preparing Your Daycare

It is a good idea to create a large area for the kids to play in. Fill the space with many toys, art supplies and games that will keep the children entertained. It is best to focus on only one age group so that the toys you purchase are age appropriate. Choose toys that can help teach children and offer both physical and mental development. Take time to ensure that the area you have made is safe. Eliminate all sharp angles and make sure the outdoor space is fenced off. Put safety caps on all outlets, keep harmful chemicals locked up, and cupboard doors securely closed.

Any Extras

If you plan on driving any of the children around like to preschool or a shopping trip, you will want to get a van that has enough seats to accommodate everyone. Take time to decide if you are going to give the children snacks and meals or if you would prefer the parents to bring them. If you are supplying food for the children, you should make sure there is enough space to prepare healthy foods.


Even small home daycare centers might need help from time to time. If you choose to hire a staff, be sure that they have experience working with kids especially with the age of the children at your home daycare. Try to hire staff that possess educational training or child development education.

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