Why Become a Day Care Provider?

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Are you very passionate with children? Do you dream of a job having to work with kids? Handling kids, aside from being a big responsibility, is a very daunting task. Childcare providers foster and teach children in childcare centers, pre-schools, public schools, childcare homes, private households and some other places.

Besides having basic education and passion for teaching, childcare workers must have high level of patience and endurance in handling kids. Nowadays, many theories are being raised on teaching and child-rearing methods. There have been ongoing controversies on what method best be used and the facilities helpful in childcare. Thus, childcare workers must know all matters about childcare and the fundamentals of tending to children of all ages, ranging from infants to school-goers.

A day care provider, be it a director or part of the teaching staff, must complete the basic training to get a license in childcare service. He, also, will be needing a national certification in paediatric CPR and First-Aid to ensure that safety and emergency medical aid will be provided for children at all times more importantly for day care centers located away from any health care facility. When the place takes quite long for an ambulance to reach, initial medical treatment must be provided when necessary. This is in line on keeping the children safe and healthy.

The Red Cross organizes training programs about attending to emergency and medical aid to those far from hospitals. Having basic training about this matter increases your chances in getting a hold of the job.

Other qualifications include having a degree in secondary education about child development or psychology. Universities and colleges offer day care programs that are very useful when applying for a childcare job. It is important, however, for any licensed daycare service provider to have proof of continuing education credits to qualify for their license. This proves that they are interested in being informed of the latest in childcare and the more advanced techniques in handling children. This involves attending seminars, conferences and other activities that keep them abreast about the newest trends in childcare. This means gaining more knowledge in the field and thus suggests more advantage to your side.

Need for Child Day Care Providers
The number of working women is now continually increasing. Also families having both parents working is increasing thus they do not have so much time looking after their children. Most of the parents are too busy are too busy to attend to the needs of their kids. Thus they look for professional that can do the childcare task for them while they are away. There is a rise therefore in the demand of child care services.

Children interact with the child care professional several hours a day. Parents, therefore, are looking for the person of good influence and who can help in the growth of their child’s emotional, intellectual and social aspect. They choose someone who is responsible enough and is very passionate with kids. Before going to work, they need an assurance that they will be leaving their kids in good hands and that their kids will be properly tended to.

Daily Life of a Childcare Worker

Here is what a child day care worker does in a typical day.

• Prepare a schedule of activities for the day
• Plan and Organize the activities
• Serve snacks
• Ensure that the children properly eat their meals
• Play with the kids
• Clean the playrooms
• Accompany children when going to toilets
• Tell stories
• Teach children
• Maintain the sanitation of the center
• Handle emergencies

Childcare workers do not only work for preschool children and toddlers but also for older kids after school. They also handle and feed the infants and play with the babies. Also part of the job is teaching the children and helping them complete their homework.

Abilities, Skills & Personal Qualities of a Child Day Care Professional

1. Responsible
2. Disciplined
3. Dependable
4. Creative
5. Can efficiently handle kids
6. Can handle emergencies
7. Good Business sense
8. Physically strong
9. High level of patience
10. Cooperate well with parents

Why is a Childcare Training Necessary?

Being in a daycare business, knowledge of proper childcare and assistance is essential. Your staff must receive effective training on handling children and must be well-informed of their needs. In undergoing the training you will learn tips on running day care centers, know about child psychology and acquire skills beneficial to your business.

Here are some of the things you learn in a day care training course.

1. Nutritional needs
2. Child psychology
3. Child development
4. Socialization
5. Storytelling
6. Crafts & Painting
7. Creative play
8. Precautions
9. Children’s Rights UN Convention
10. Emergency care and First aid
11. Quality Assurance

Many colleges offer courses on childcare management but choose one that would not just give proper training but will also help you find a job. Consider the following things in choosing a childcare course.

1. Is the diploma you will be receiving accredited?
2. Will the course or program aid you in running your own day care center?
3. Is the faculty credible and experienced?
4. Do they have internship programs?
5. Will they assist you in finding a job after the program end?
6. What career opportunities do they offer?

In the previous year, 1.5 million jobs were given to childcare workers. Around 40% of them were self-employed and others worked part-time. Here is a list of the organization that employs child care professionals.

1. Child Daycare services
2. Social and civic organizations
3. Educational services
4. Individual and family services
5. Recreation and amusement industries
6. Primary educational services
7. Residential care and nursing facilities

The salary of the Child Care professional is dependent on the set-up he is working in. It usually ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 a year. With experience and specialization, he can sooner be the director of the child care service and earnings will be of a much higher value.

Job involving kids is very demanding yet truly fulfilling. Since there’s a growing need for responsible and skilled child care providers, getting a course about childcare service management is a very practical step.

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