Winter Wonderland Creative Development Lesson Plan for Preschool

by Carla on December 16, 2009

Early learning goals for preschool age children involve creative development.

Creativity, according to Joan Bouza Koster’s Growing Artists: Teaching Art to Young Children [Cengage Delmar Learning, 2004], is ”being able to see a problem, form ideas about it, and then communicate the results.  When children manipulate and experiment with art materials, they are creating something new and unique and in doing so, are being creative”. Art, therefore, nurtures creativity.

Preschool teachers and daycare providers have the opportunity to promote creative development by providing art activities that explore media and materials and encourage imagination.

Winter Wonderland is an excellent example of an activity that provides the opportunity to for expression, to encourage spontaneity in material usage, and to introduce children to textured materials.

This lesson plan includes a materials list, preparation instructions and procedures for this activity to make childcare jobs easier, but also the age appropriate learning objectives and a sample of the simple supporting verbal cues necessary to encourage participation and support learning.

Winter Wonderland Materials List

  • Old Christmas cards with outdoor scenes
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Paint brushes
  • Iridescent white glitter

Winter Wonderland Activity Preparation

  • Cover a table with butcher paper
  • Gather materials
  • Create a glue and water mixture. Place in a shallow pan.
  • Place all materials on the table

Activity Procedures

  1. Invite the children over and tell them that you are going to be making a winter scene on construction paper.
  2. Let the children select one or more winter scene or scenes from old Christmas cards
  3. Let the children brush on the water and glue mixture with a paint brush
  4. Allow the children to sprinkle glitter on the winter scene and shake off the excess glitter
  5. Allow to dry

Winter Wonderland Lesson Objectives

Objective 1

To provide the opportunity for expressive activities by allowing children to create unique winter wonderland scenes.

  • Verbal Cue A: Today we are going to do create a winter wonderland!
  • Verbal Cue B: I have lots of Christmas cards for you to use to make your winter scene.

Objective 2

To encourage spontaneity in material usage by allowing the children to select from a variety of scenes.

  • Verbal Cue A: Which winter scene would you like to use first?
  • Verbal Cue B: I like the scenes you have selected for your winter wonderland

Objective 3

To introduce textured materials by adding glitter or sand to the winter scene

  • Verbal Cue A: Let’s sprinkle glitter on your winter scene.
  • Verbal Cue B: Let’s see what it looks/feels like after we add glitter to the paint.

Winter Wonderland is a fun, creative activity that children ages 2 and older will certainly enjoy. This Winter Wonderland activity adapted from an activity submitted by Sharon C. on the PreschoolRainbow website.

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