Your Choices for Caring For Your Child

by admin on July 7, 2009

You definitely have a lot of options when it comes to giving the proper care for your child. Often times, the care for your child involves another person besides yourself. As a parent, you need to make wise decisions in leaving your child in the care of someone else. If only you could take care of your child yourself, but that is not the case as you have to work and earn your keep. Here are your choices.

The Daycare Centre

The typical daycare schedule runs from about seven in the morning until six in the evening on every weekday there is. It does come at a price though, from forty to a little under seventy dollars daily. But this actually is enough to justify what your child can learn in a daycare centre.

Usually, daycare centres admit children from age two and four years old. Daycare centres are a good course for your child to learn how to socialize with other people, especially with children within this age bracket. Those who work in a daycare centre help these children develop their skills regarding socializing with other children by integrating the teaching lessons in the form of child’s play. These workers offer a variety of activities for the children to do all throughout the day with strategically placed break times and sleep time in between these activities. One of the good things about day care centres is that there is a low density of children assigned to one supervisor. And for your peace of mind, some of these daycare centres have live streaming of the goings on to their websites so you and the other parents can check on your child anytime by simply visiting the daycare centre’s website. Some of these establishments accept children ones they have learned how to use the bathroom and can keep these children until they are ready for the big schools. These are all the positives (besides the price). But as in anything in this world, there are also some not so things about putting your child in a daycare.

The Not so Good Side of Putting your Child in a Daycare Centre

Some of these include the less personal attention the child will get as the supervisor will have to focus his or her attention to a few other children. This is something your child can not get from the undivided attention he or she gets from you. Sometimes this causes separation anxiety in a child and this will show when the child refuses to go inside the centre and or refuses you to leave him or her in the centre. Temper tantrums night even follow. But the time will come that your child will actually get used to this and will be okay with it. As an advise, when your child starts throwing tantrums, just reassure him or her that everything will be fine and simply stand firm. Do this and your child will develop the nerve to stay in the daycare. Along with those children who behave well, there are those children who can be mean, who bite, who are simply bad, who yell always and those who display a little violence. The thing is that there might be times that you will have to handle these children who do all these nasty things to your child. But if you find the need to do so, it is better that you be very diplomatic about it and do not show any temper flares in handling the situation. The most important thing is that your child gets his or her due apology from the offender.

Daycare Home
Home daycare services are now sprouting everywhere. They usually operate within the same hours as a daycare centre would, from between seven in the morning until six in the evening. The cost of putting your child in a home daycare runs from a minimum of thirty five dollars to under fifty dollars daily. This amount usually covers for the meals and other materials your child will need and use all throughout the day.

The basic setting of a home daycare is a house of a parent, often a mom who also takes care of her children. One of the differences between a daycare centre and a home daycare is that there are less children in a home daycare setting compared to a daycare centre. Acceptance is not that strict as children who are not yet trained to use the bathroom are often accepted in a home daycare. Those supervisors working in a home daycare are usually very caring and are personally attentive to the needs of the children. The home setting makes the children feel more at ease and cosy as the home will help these children give them the feeling that they are in their house. Home daycare has a kind of a family feel. The activities in a home daycare are not structured compared to that of a daycare centre. The thing is you as a parent must be in the know of what the home daycare activities are lined up for the day. This will help you know what your child is busy with. Hime daycare is better suited for toddlers and babies.

The not so Good Side of a Home Daycare setting
Again, as earlier stated, when there are good things, there are also those things that are on the other side of the spectrum. These are the not so good side of a home daycare setting.

One of these things is the fact that home daycare homes do not have to pass regulation tests and standards by both the health department and education department as well. This obviously means that you will have to do a thorough background check of the place and make sure that it is clean and its sanitation is up to your standards. The thing is, if you are not satisfied with the sanitation of the home, then to give you peace of mind, just simply look for another home daycare. Another thing is that often these home daycare do not have websites therefore will at times leave you wondering what your child is doing and if he or she is safe.

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